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Hi, there!

I’m Gabby, the founder of GAB Strength, a coaching company dedicated to making the world a stronger place. I’m a competitive strongman athlete, powerlifter, coach, and awkward human who is focused on helping you become the strongest version of yourself. I’m absolutely obsessed with helping you become your best self - whether it is through adding kilos to your total, getting you ready for your first meet, improving your relationship with food, or helping you feel seen and heard in a world that often feels exclusive. I’m here to build stronger humans, in and out of the gym.

I found strength sports after a lifetime of being overweight, frustrated, unconfident, and lost. After a series of health issues and injuries, I started lifting weights in my college gym because I had to! My bones were so brittle that my doctors were concerned that if I didn’t start lifting, my quality of life would continue to suffer. It’s not fun to be a 20 year old who is so sick they can barely go to work! Lifting quite literally saved my health and I have turned that passion into a career. It’s been an incredible journey thus far and I’m glad you’re here!

My core values:

  • I believe in strength in all things in the gym and in life.

  • Consistency

  • Equality

  • Real life shit & authenticity

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Want to work with me? Check out the coaching page for more information!