Nutrition Coaching 


Nutrition does not have to be complicated!

Sustainable and healthy body composition change requires a solid foundation of the basics, some fine tuning along the way, and a comprehensive plan that is tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Whether you're a strength athlete looking for the extra edge in your performance, a weekend warrior who wants to build muscle, or struggling with losing weight, we can build a plan for you to succeed.

There is no "one size fits all" ultra-restrictive dieting here!

Your one-on-one nutrition coaching includes the following:

  • Initial intake, assessment, and goal setting

  • Worksheet with customized macros and caloric goals (if using a macros based approach) or a flexible meal plan template if using a non-numeric approach

  • Meal timing and macro portioning and timing

  • A food selection guide to help you make the most out of your meals

  • A FAQs document to address any questions that may arise

  • 24/7 support and coaching

  • Weekly check-ins and adjustments based on your goals

  • Measurements and progress photo check-ins monthly

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