Holiday Habit Forum **Wait List Members**


Holiday Habit Forum **Wait List Members**


The hardest part of making any change or continuing any change is taking action. I’ve found that accountability and taking action have been the keys to developing lasting habits that can actually make your life easier.

If you…

  • Struggle with sticking to a “plan”

  • Want accountability and support

  • Want to build habits that make reaching those goals easier

Then the Holiday Habit Forum is for you.

This is NOT about white knuckling your way through a strict diet plan.

This is NOT about making “healthy” swaps for dishes.

This is NOT about feeling guilt or shame over a piece of pie.

This is NOT about working out for 3 hours to “work off” a meal.

This is about learning moderation, building sustainable habits, and developing skills to help you navigate the real world.

This is about building skills and behaviors to help you have a healthy relationship with your nutrition.

This is about building habits to build your best self.

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