12 Week Customizable Peaking Program

12 Week Customizable Peaking Program


Want to build strength and maximize your lifts?

If you're a first time powerlifter, an experienced competitor, or looking to maximum your strength in the squat, bench, and deadlift - this program is for you!

Here's what you'll get: 

  • 12 weeks of customizable, detailed programming
  • Ability to customize your program to help you build your best lifts
  • Instructional PDF
  • TWO one-on-one coaching calls ($54 value) included!
  • Meet day attempt and warm up sheets


Do I have to start this program right away? No! Finish your current program, and start this when you're ready. You can purchase now to lock in the low price.

Do I have to compete to use this program? No! This program is also suitable for those wishing to increase their one rep maxes in the big three. 

Is this program appropriate for beginners? Yes! Whether you've signed up for your first meet or you're a seasoned veteran, this program is for you!

I can't complete the program - can I have a refund? Unfortunately, there are no refunds for program purchases. Simply hang on to the program and start when you can!

Have additional questions? Send an email to info@gabstrength.com !


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