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Skillet Plantain Bread

Despite the fact that I am completely obsessed with plantain chips, I rarely use plantains at home. #sortofpaleobloggerfail So I decided to pick some up and try doing something other than chip-ifying them. I wanted to make plantain pancakes but didn't feel like standing over my stove, flipping pancakes so I just poured allll of the batter into one skillet instead.

The result was a super delicious skillet bread that I seriously can't stop munching on.


[gmc_recipe 6976]

Paleo Shredded Sweet Potato Cakes

I think I am finally, FINALLY getting over this sore throat thing that has been bothering me. I feel just fine but sound like a 50 year old smoker and have random coughing fits - lovely, right? I'm guessing it is just a result of airplane travel and going from cold to hot to cold weather - whatever it is, I'm over it. This week, even without my stupid throat, has been rough. I'm playing catch up with projects, laundry (dear god so much laundry), and still getting out of "vacation mode". To top all that off, Monday started with me having a snatch meltdown and missing approximately 1,354 lifts an not even getting close to a PR. In hindsight, I know what I did wrong and plan to get that PR soon,  but needless to say, I was frustrated and there have been some obscenities yelled that day. DSC_0009_01

I'm grateful that the week seems to be ending on a better note. This morning, I got a 10# clean & jerk PR  because I'm bad at barbell math (I loaded the bar with what I thought was 108# but was actually 113#). Heavy clean & jerks means that my hunger will be out of control today and luckily, I whipped up a batch of these shredded sweet potato cake last night and have leftovers to munch on. This recipe is not so much a strict recipe as it is a set of guidelines. Feel free to play with ingredients, spices, and such to make it your own. Happy Friday!


[gmc_recipe 5284]

Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up