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Instagram Truths: Holiday Break Edition

More instagram truths time! (You can see more here, here, here, and, oh yes, here). I'm "off" work for 2 weeks - I still have to work on other projects from home but don't physically have to go anywhere - so I've been bored. Really bored - like, clean all of my baseboards and walls,  bored. It's been a nice break and I'm actually really grateful that I don't have a ton of stress going into my next competition (ON SATURDAY, jeez) but I'm still a little stir crazy. Good thing I have to go take a 44kg kettlebell and walk it up some bleachers today (sarcasm, so much sarcasm). Anyways, on with the instagram truths! (P.S. you can see more photos and follow me on Instagram - @gabbysgfree)

Caption: Gorgeous day for a beautiful wedding

Truth: It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day and a stunning wedding. I drank entirely too much wine, danced too much, and laughed so hard my face hurt. Perfect wedding combination.

Caption: Bro day. Axle jerks, power cleans, bench pressing, barbell hip thrusts, and dumbbell chest pressing.

Truth: SO MUCH PRESSING. My pressing strength has improved quite a bit this cycle because of all the pressing and it's been extremely helpful. I actually really love doing dumbbell chest pressing and feel like it's helped out quite a bit with all of my overhead work - I may feel a little differently if you were to ask me while I was doing 3x10 with 35# each hand. Plus, everyone needs a good bro day.

Caption: Baking day!

Truth: I made a batch of these truffles and you bet I licked the bowl clean. Chocolate + butter + cream is always the start of something great. Usually ganache. Or you know, truffles. Have I mentioned that I'm really glad I don't have to worry about making weight for this contest?

Caption: My favorite part of the table - the cookie & bourbon station.

Truth: We hosted a little holiday app & dessert gathering for my family and of course cookies and bourbon were involved. The bottle next to the bourbon decanter is eggnog and it's delicious. Bourbon and cookies are basically two of my favorite food groups.

Caption: Adventures in clothes shopping - ripping the quad out of a pair of jeans. #spandexforlife but I did did awesome jeans - the "legging jean" from the gap are perfect for my short legs and big quads.

Truth: I hate shopping for clothes and haven't done in a LONG time so it was desperately needed. That said, I had no idea what size I wore or how things were going to fit because I haven't bought anything new in so long. Major takeaways from that trip: more spandex is always better, your lats and shoulders take up a lot more room than you realize, don't even bother trying to find a well fitting jacket - it's an exercise in futility.

Truth be told, I got fairly frustrated but quickly snapped out of it. Seriously, spandex is the answer.



Caption: More video of video - walking 255# axle + PVC (to make it bigger) for 80 feet.

Truth: That was rough. The PVC made it very awkward but it was great practice for Saturday. I did 205# first and failed after taking a few steps, then did it for 80 feet. My coach and I put 255# on and I failed again right out of the rack. I wanted to walk that thing, so I did. My forearms are a bit bruised despite wearing "elbow sleeves" (or rather, my old knee sleeves that now fit my arms perfectly #gainz) and my biceps were really sore but it actually went pretty well. I love walking heavy things around.

Caption: After doing some at home yoga for the first time in ages, the pup decided she would like to join in. She chose her favorite "side laying dog" pose.

Truth: I haven't done yoga in MONTHS. I decided to a quick 30 minute stretchy session yesterday and yeah, it's been awhile. It felt really good and helped the soreness in my shoulders and upper back quite a bit. I NEED to make time to do that more often. Of course, the pup had to join in. Although her version of "yoga" seems much more relaxing than my version.


And that's it! Now, I'm going to go take a kettlebell to some bleachers.

Vacation Photo Dump

So many photos, so little time. 20130819-142858.jpg

Don't worry, she's driving.




Miss this view.


Lots of this.


When your stepdad's family owns a BBQ food truck & caters the rehearsal dinner - you eat ALL the things.


Little brother getting ready to fish - he caught a little baby catfish!


Wedding time.


Low country boil could be the best wedding food ever. This was plate #2 and yes, I totally got judged by the little old man serving the food. 20130819-142719.jpg



Wedding pie table.


Random grocery store road trip breakfast.


Read this book on the 14 hour drive home - more on that later!


Vacation is exhausting.

1 Year Anniversary, Announcements, and a big THANK YOU

I got married to my favorite person one year ago on Sunday on an abnormally cold and snowy Virginia day surrounded by the best family and friends anyone could hope for. To say I’m lucky would be a complete understatement.

[photo copyright Jack Looney]


This year has been INTENSE – both personally and professionally – for both of us.  So far…


My husband graduated culinary school and spent long hours in restaurant kitchens.

I started freelancing at a magazine doing recipe writing & food photography.

We moved into a new place.

We made a huge decision to start a business (more on this later) and are almost ready to open.

My husband changed jobs to help us reach our goals of owning a business.

I started doing more freelancing with the magazine.

Today is the last day at my current “real” job. This job was my first (and only) job post-graduate school, it has provided me with a ton of knowledge,  great experiences, and a steady paycheck.

Starting Monday, I will be working for Delight Magazine FULL TIME doing photography, writing, and recipe development.


[photo copyright Jack Looney]

If you would have told me at this time last year that I would have my photos on a cover of a national magazine and that I would get to spend my days cooking and taking photos, I would have called you crazy.  I'm still in shock that I get to spend my days doing what I love and working towards starting a business that we are absolutely thrilled about (and I really, really can’t wait to tell you guys about - soon, I promise!).

So, THANK YOU to everyone who reads, comments, emails, tweets, etc. – you guys push me to be better and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I would not be able to have this opportunity without you all.

THANK YOU to my editor - for taking a chance on me and being just amazing to work with.

THANK YOU to everyone in my life who have pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided unending support.

THANK YOU to my little virtual family of bloggers, FFAs, and others – you all make my days better every single day.

[photo copyright Jack Looney]

THANK YOU to my family and friends for cheering me on and giving me guidance. An extra special thank you my parents for always encouraging me and my in-laws for always supporting us.

THANK YOU to my husband for constantly making me a better person, pushing me to achieve my goals, and dealing with frustration/stress-induced breakdowns. I KNOW I couldn’t do this without you.

[photo copyright Jack Looney]


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of champagne to drink and anniversary cake to eat this weekend.