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In My Gym Bag + GIVEAWAY! {giveaway closed}

*Note: this post does contain some affiliate links.* It’s been quite some time since I shared my favorite/essential gym gear and let’s just collection has grown.

Gym bag: 

HYLETE backpack



THIS BAG. This backpack is hands-down the best gym bag/backpack I’ve ever used. It’s absolutely massive (I really think I could fit in it if I tried hard enough), has tons of compartments, and fits everything. I use it as my daily gym bag and competition bag since it can fit several pairs of shoes (thanks to an expandable compartment), has a dedication “food” area, a removable bag that is perfect for tacky clothing and more zippers and pockets than I know what to do with.

I purchased it before my January contest and am SO glad I did. It IS pricey - there is no doubt about that. BUT, you can score it at a discount using my affiliate/referral link! I think it’s a definite winner for anyone who competes frequently and needs to tote around lots of gear.


Deadlift shoes: Converse Chucks

I found these at Ross one day and had to have them because um, polka dot chucks. I like them for deadlifting because they feel a bit more grounded than my nanos and let’s face it, they’re freaking cute.


All purpose/moving event shoes:  Reebok Nanos

I’ve gone through several pairs of Nanos and love them as an all purpose shoe. They’re what I wear for most moving events since they’re flat, slightly grippy, and flexible.


Weightlifting shoes: Nike Romaleos

I splurged on these shoes and they are worth every.single.penny. They’re sturdy, fit great, and are quite comfortable for weightlifting shoes. I use them for pressing and loading events.



Inzer Forever 13mm Lever Belt

This belt is my favorite. I use this for pretty much everything including squats, deadlifts, yoke, farmers, heavy log clean and press, and heavy presses. I was a little worried that I would have to purchase a new one after moving down a weight class but there was more than enough room to accommodate my changing waist and I still have plenty of room left in either direction. I personally like the 13mm because I like a thick belt but the 10mm is also great and a little more comfortable than the 13mm. Either way, this belt is definitely one of the best belts you can purchase. Harbinger Velcro Belt

I use my soft belt (I ordered it off amazon) for non-maximal pressing, light insane volume front squatting, axle clean and pressing events, and loading events. I like that this belt can get very tight and provides a soft surface to brace against. It’s also great for loading events because stones or kegs won’t get caught on it. I prefer a soft belt for axle continental cleans because the bruising is a little less bad than continental cleaning with a hard belt.

Wrist Wraps:

Hyperforce Wrist Wraps

I use these heavy duty wrist wraps for log pressing, circus dumbbell pressing and benching mostly. They’re very stiff and provide some serious support. If you’re looking for more heavy duty wrist support, these are amazing.

Strength Wraps

I like this light-medium support wraps are great all purpose wrist wraps. I love that they’re adjustable which means you don’t have to take them on and off between sets. I use mine for cleans and lighter high volume pressing.


Knee Support:  Ace bandage

I’d like to get some new knee sleeves (I typed knew knee sleeves) but I’ve yet to find a pair that I’m sort of willing to invest in. I’ve been wrapping my knees with ace bandage for awhile now as a result of 1) getting annoyed at squatting with fabric bunching behind my knees with regular knee sleeves and 2) I outgrew several pairs in a matter of months. I also like that I can wrap my knees tighter or looser, depending on how my knees are feeling and what I’m doing.


Because I like you all, I’ve decided to do a gift card giveaway for two readers to win a gift card for some of my favorite things! Simply tell me what your favorite piece of gym gear is and you’ll be entered to win a $25 StrengthWraps giftcard OR a $25 HYLETE giftcard! The giveaway closes Wednesday, April 1 at midnight. Good luck! (P.S. These prizes aren't being provided by the companies in any way, I'm just giving you all some stuff because I appreciate you!) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Things I'm Loving Lately

Since this week is a busy week, I thought I would keep it lighthearted by sharing a few things that I’ve been loving the past few months.

  1. Fabletics!

[photo by Stephanie Lau]

These bright blue capris. Let me just say that I am firmly on #teamninja when it comes to my workout gear but these bright blue pants have been making several appearances lately. They’re super comfy, durable, and they’re obnoxiously bright.

I also scored a hoodie from Fabletics (Chelsea hoodie) that I’ve been living in - it’s very warm, cut really well, and is perfect for when it’s chilly in the gym. (note - affiliate links)

  1. Real Life Paleo

I’ve met Stacy of Paleo Parents several times at strong(wo)man competitions, during which she always feeds everyone insanely delicious treats. I was super excited when she sent me a copy of their new book “Real Life Paleo” and let me tell you, I LOVE this book. I love the three-tiered approach to diet change, the detailed weekly meal plans (!!!), and the gorgeous and delicious recipes. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review here soon (whenever I can actually cook something for more than 3 minutes) but I would highly recommend snagging this book for yourself or anyone who is interested in making dietary changes.


  1. Ladies Lift Here

[photo by Stephanie Lau]

I’ve written for Ladies Lift Here a few times (see here and here) and I’m competing in the first of their Strongwoman competition series, the Ice Queen, in January. This competition is a SOLD OUT WOMEN’S ONLY SHOW. Let that sink in for a minute - SOLD OUT. There are 60 female competitors in a range of divisions, TONS of sponsors, and seemingly  more awesome things happening every day. My first competition I competed against 3 other women. In January, in my division alone, I will be competing against over a dozen women. That’s amazing.

They were also kind enough to send me a few tank tops and I’m in LOVE (no pun intended) with them. They’re super comfy and the designs are fantastic. All of the details, even down to the tags, are so well thought out and well branded. I highly recommend grabbing a few shirts while you can - well worth it!

  1. Coffee

All the coffee, all the time. Nothing new about that.

  1. Implement training

    Taking 415# on a short ugly walk (if you pick unevenly, you're gonna have a bad time). Walked 450# (3x bodyweight) for 20 feet and I think it broke my soul. Shirt courtesy of @startingstrongman, shorts from @fabletics. #deathbyyoke #strongwoman #strongman #startingstrongman #ladieslifthere #fitfluential #fableticsmaster

    A video posted by Gabby (@gabbysgfree) on

    I have missed training on implements oh so very much. Here is a snippet of me walking a 415#  yoke - I actually got 450# (triple bodyweight) for about 20 feet the same day and it was soul crushing. Yoke is still my favorite though.

Reebok CrossFit Sale Alert!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**  

Hey all! I'm just popping in quickly to let you all know about an awesome sale Reebok is having. I LOVE me some Reebok gear and I'm quite excited to be a Reebok Affiliate (more on that later!)  so I had to share this great sale with you all - especially since their CrossFit line doesn't go on sale all the time.

Just saying - Reebok sent me some goodies last week and I PR'ed my 18inch deadlift by 20# for a 1RM of 325# while wearing the shirt. AND it's quite possibly the most insanely comfortable shirt ever.

Anyways, detail on the sale below!


PRIVATE SALE ALERT: 50% Off Reebok CrossFit Gear Just this weekend (4/25 - 4/27) Reebok is hosting an exclusive CrossFit sale where you can get 50% off on select CrossFit items throughout the weekend.

Use the code: CF50 at checkout to get your discount.

Happy shopping!