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Reebok CrossFit Sale Alert!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**  

Hey all! I'm just popping in quickly to let you all know about an awesome sale Reebok is having. I LOVE me some Reebok gear and I'm quite excited to be a Reebok Affiliate (more on that later!)  so I had to share this great sale with you all - especially since their CrossFit line doesn't go on sale all the time.

Just saying - Reebok sent me some goodies last week and I PR'ed my 18inch deadlift by 20# for a 1RM of 325# while wearing the shirt. AND it's quite possibly the most insanely comfortable shirt ever.

Anyways, detail on the sale below!


PRIVATE SALE ALERT: 50% Off Reebok CrossFit Gear Just this weekend (4/25 - 4/27) Reebok is hosting an exclusive CrossFit sale where you can get 50% off on select CrossFit items throughout the weekend.

Use the code: CF50 at checkout to get your discount.

Happy shopping!


What's In Your #FitnessCloset?

I'm linking up with a bunch of fellow fitness lovers/FitFluential Ambassadors to show off some of my favorite workout gear. fitness_closet

Admittedly, this is gonna be a bit short for a couple of reasons: I hate to shop and rarely spend money on clothes. Also, I may have a Lulu problem.

Now, here is the breakdown of my typical gym attire (this is actually exactly what I wore to the gym this morning):



Now on to the other goods....




I really only wear 3 pairs of shoes regularly (and I apparently like purple shoes?) so here it goes:

Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0: I've had these shoes pretty much since I started Crossfit and I love them. They're always my go-to shoe and are so so comfy.

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoes: These shoes are hideous but they serve a purpose. I was in need of some olympic weightlifting shoes and these ones fit the bill and were considerably less pricey than several other options out there. They took a few weeks to get broken in but they're great - solid heel, good fit, and they fit my feet really well.

Reebok RealFlex: I received these shoes from Reebok at FitBloggin and they are my go-to hiking, running, anything other than lifting & Crossfit shoe. They're extremely comfortable, have good support, and are lightweight -big fan.




I really only wear tanks top to the gym - I have no clue why but I really prefer tank tops to t-shirts. Also, I wear a  lot of black, grey, and purple. Seriously, those are the only colors of workout gear I own.

Fasthletics Tank: LOVE this tank top. You can read more about it here.

Reebok Workout Ready tank: This tank top that I received from Reebok at FitBloggin is loose and extremely comfortable. It's one of my favorite tops and it retails for about $20 which makes it even better. I really need to order more of these - maybe in colors?

Crossfit box shirt: This is the tank top for my gym and it is super loose and comfy.

Lululemon Cool Racerback tank: The Cool Racerback tanks are my favorite tops from Lulu because they're so insanely comfortable and versatile. I have a few others in different colors but this magenta ones gets steady rotation. (Seriously, I have a thing for purple workout gear I guess).

Target tank tops (in first photo): I LIVE in tank tops and often buy super cheap ones from Target. Once they get holes, bleach stains from cleaning, or start to get a little less "nice", they become gym wear. Easy and comfy.



I live in capris and short shorts.

Lululemon: These are the only non-black workout bottoms that I own and I love them. They're very comfortable, stay put, and I love the slightly pattern. I can't for the life of me remember what they are called but I randomly bought them last year.

Lululemon Wunder Unders: Best pants ever. I love love love these and wear them all the time, even outside the gym. I will probably need another pair soon but these have served me well. They're worth every penny.

Champion Shorts from Target: I stumbled upon these shorts at Target one day and I'm so glad I did - they fit perfectly, are long enough while still being short, and are super stretchy (a must for squatting). Plus, they were only $25 or so - I'm wearing them in the photos in this post.




Here are a few random but necessary items that I love

Lululemon Flow Y Bra: I love all Lululemon sports bras and this one has become my new favorite. It's not as supportive as my favorite Ta Ta Tamer but it's perfect for lifting or yoga. I've even worn it as a bathing suit top since all of my old tops refuse to fit over my lats and shoulders (#crossfitproblems).

CEP Compression Sleeves: My calves get ridiculously tight so these are a lifesaver. I've had them for over a year now and they're still tight. They weren't cheap but they've held up to lots of wear and tear and continue to do their job. I do need some other compression socks though - anyone have any suggestions?

Fun Knee Socks from Target: Target is my go to place to buy cheap and fun knee socks. This is my favorite pair and they've saved my shins from many a heavy deadlift.

Champion Sports Bra from Target: I have this bra in black and white and it's one of my favorites. It's supportive and fitted but very comfortable and not at all constricting.


SO there you have it! Tell me, what' s your favorite piece of fitness clothing/gear that you own?