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Skillet Plantain Bread

Despite the fact that I am completely obsessed with plantain chips, I rarely use plantains at home. #sortofpaleobloggerfail So I decided to pick some up and try doing something other than chip-ifying them. I wanted to make plantain pancakes but didn't feel like standing over my stove, flipping pancakes so I just poured allll of the batter into one skillet instead.

The result was a super delicious skillet bread that I seriously can't stop munching on.


[gmc_recipe 6976]

Iced Coffee Additions

Today, we're going to step up your iced coffee game.

I'm an iced coffee addict in the summer and often have some in the afternoons as a quick pick-me-up between shifts at work, studying, or just working away at home. While there is certainly nothing wrong with some straight up iced coffee with a splash of heavy cream, sometimes, you just want something a bit more. Here are some of my favorite ways to amp up your cold caffeine:

Coffee ice cubes: Just pour some leftover coffee into your ice cube trays, freeze, and voila - your coffee is kept cold without getting diluted. Because really, we need all the caffeine around here.

Coconut milk ice cubes: These are the perfect things for that random half a can of leftover coconut milk. Simply make sure the coconut milk is well-mixed and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. I will add some vanilla extract and/or cinnamon to mine for even more flavor. You can use them as straight up ice cubes OR use them to make a delicious blended coffee treat.

Blend it up: Add some coffee ice cubes, coconut milk ice cubes, and a little bit of cold coffee concentrate (or cold brewed coffee) and blend for an icy and cold caffeine fix.

Protein powder: I often add some of my favorite custom mix Chocolate PB cup flavor protein powder (you can get 5% off with code "GGF") before blended for a blended protein mocha snack. You could also add cocoa powder for more chocolatey flavor.

And now, I really need some coffee. I'll try not to spill it everywhere this time.

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pancakes

These are NOT "healthy" "guilt free"  "clean" "sinless" pancakes. Why not? A couple of reasons: 1. Calling something "guilt free" is kind of ridiculous. Food and ingredients do not contain guilt. What makes you feel guilty is the mindset surrounding said food and ingredients. Guilt cannot come from food - it comes from your mind. And I'm a firm believer that you should never feel "guilty" or berate yourself for eating the damn cookie every once and awhile.

2. Food either does or does not support whatever your goals are. There is no room for making yourself feel bad because you ate some ice cream, or vice versa, feeling all mighty because you ate a salad.

3. These pancakes have sugar and milk and deliciousness. YES, sugar. I promise, it will be okay.

Truthfully, I had a massive pancake craving that could not be shaken and I haven't made pancakes in quite awhile so, voila - pancakes. Super easy to make pancakes (especially if you already have pureed sweet potato on hand). Delicious pancakes.  Probably some of the best pancakes I've ever made.

You could also replace the sweet potato with pumpkin or banana probably - two very delicious options. I highly recommend making a big batch and eating them throughout the week....or just eating all of them, because you know, Mondays.


A big stack of these after pressing/deadlift medleys and all is right with the world.

[gmc_recipe 6804]