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What is it? What does it even mean?
Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Cultivating resilience is one the most difficult and important things someone can do. You must learn to have the self awareness, how to move through and around setbacks, and how to reframe “failures” in a productive way. A strong body is great, but having a strong mind makes it even better.

So many people simply give up when they hit a plateau or setback - but what if you got resilient instead? What if you learned the skills necessary to turn setbacks into wins? What if you could build a strong body AND mind?

Creating resilience is a long journey, but there are some key things that can help:

  1. Set an intention and goal for each day and find ways to win: Setting an intention or goal and working to accomplish that goal creates a sense of accomplishment, and that accomplishment turns in to confidence. Setting goals that are simple and realistic for the day, such as “finish my workout”, “eat 3 servings of veggies”, or “spend 30 minutes reading a book” are easy ways to win at your day. These goals also help direct your actions so that you can feel good about what you’ve done at the end of the day, even if you didn’t accomplish your goal.

  2. Recognize what is in and out of your control and work to control what you can: Listing out what is in and out of your control can be helpful way to evaluate any situation. Even though certain things may be out of your control, there are certainly things that you can control. And if you can control those things, do it! Bringing awareness to all of the things you CAN do to move towards your goal keeps you focused on moving forward.

  3. Create back up and pivot plans: The best laid plans often fall by the wayside the fastest, so have some back up and pivot plans! Think through various scenarios and find ways that you can still move towards your goal if your plans go awry. Finding a different training time, have a back up place to eat if you forget your lunch on the counter, and having a plan to walk outside if you can’t get to the gym are all great ways to continue to work towards your goals when things get a little whacky.

Building resilience is something that I’m incredibly passionate about for all of my clients and myself and it is something that I want to share with everyone. So, I decided to do just that and create an absolutely FREE program to do so.

Interested in getting a free 4 week barbell strength training program to help you get stronger, inside and outside of the gym?

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