Fitness and Feminism: Can They Co-Exist?

Feminism and fitness are two of my favorite topics. They also happen to be favorite topics of my wonderful, smart, strong AF friend Kelly. One day, while discussing some things related to fitness and feminism, we got the idea to write a joint article about said topic. Then we realized that, we could do better. We could film a little something on the topic. Even better, we could film something on the topic while drinking wine and eating gluten-free pizza. 


This podcast-style video was born out of some ideas, our collective experiences, and some (okay, maybe more than some) wine. In this episode, we talk about feminism and fitness, body shaming, body image, and a whole of other topics relating to our experiences with these things. We plan on filming a few more of these on this topic so if you have questions or suggestions, let us know!