Life Is Too Short To Be Small

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A few weeks ago, I was in Denver Colorado, roaming around a new gym (thanks Metroflex!) checking things out and getting ready to squat when I came across the words “life is too short to be small” scrawled across the wall. My initial reaction was one of an enthusiastic “hell yes!”  as I threw some 45s on my bar because hellooooo, muscles. I continued on with my squats and day and vacation and life and such, but that phrase kept ringing in my mind.  

It’s easy to see how this statement works at face value in an iron sport gym. Being big = MUSCLES. Lots of them. Big ones. It’s no secret that I really enjoy taking up space and want a back that eclipses the sun.

But for a lot of women, the idea of taking up space and filling that space with some seriously big and powerful bodies is still fraught with anxiety. It is often territory that is filled with frequent, unwarranted lamentations of “but don’t get too big” statements from strangers/family/friends/ourselves.  Now don’t get me wrong - not everyone in the world has to have the goal of being jacked and shredded...not even close. Your body, your goals, period.

Minus the obvious notion of strong thighs and big delts, living big has far deeper implications. The phrase just wouldn’t leave my mind because, as I  have come to realize, it means so much more to me than having big muscles.

It means taking ownership of your goals, your body, and your life.

It means walking up to that bar with confidence during that big lift.

It means daring to set big goals and work your ass off (or on) to achieve them.

It means not being afraid to fail because failure is just an opportunity to learn something.

It means not being afraid to succeed, even though success may mean you’re stronger than you thought you were.

It means not settling for mediocrity.

It means sharing your strength with others and helping others succeed.

It means taking up space and not being afraid to stand in your own power.

It means being brave and taking risks in the gym, on the platform, and everywhere in between.

It means not letting yourself be defined by the opinions of others.

It means choosing strength in all things.

Because life is too short to be small.


Tell me - what does that phrase mean to you? 

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