Holiday Habit Forum

The holidays are awesome, right? We get quality time with family and friends, tons of social events (with social beverages, amirite?!) and food.


It seems like every weekend is jam-packed with event after event and, often times, it can feel a bit overwhelming...especially when you’re trying to make healthier choices.

Whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, stay in a weight class, or create lasting healthy habits, the holidays can feel daunting. A lot of us can fall into an all-or-nothing mindset where we either feel like we need to eat all of the cookies, or we can’t have any. We feel guilty, ashamed, and like we’ve failed when we can’t stick to a diet plan or our normal eating habits.

Rather than throwing in the towel and waiting until everything is juuuuust right to make changes, why not start right now?

The hardest part of making any change or continuing any new, productive behaviors is taking action. I’ve found that accountability and taking action have been the keys to developing lasting habits that will make your life easier.

If you’re one of us who struggles with sticking to a “plan”, needs accountability to reach a goal, and/or wants to build habits that make reaching those goals easier, then the holiday habit forum is for you!


Fair warning:

This is not about white knuckling your way through a strict diet plan, making “healthy” swaps for dishes, or feeling guilty for eating a piece of pie.

This is about learning moderation, building sustainable habits, and developing skills to help you navigate the real world. In turn, you’ll be building skills and behaviors to help you have a healthy relationship with your nutrition and your body.

What you’ll get:

  • A PDF with tips for navigating real world situations and building habits

  • Access to a private Facebook group with other forum members

  • Weekly emails with additional tips and information

Sign up for the wait list and you’ll get a special discount when registration goes live!

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