On Resolutioners

January 1st. New Year's Day. AKA the day tons of people makes sweeping resolutions about getting in shape, losing weight, getting healthy, etc. (P.S. here's a post about setting smart goals!) Also, it's the day that every frequent gym go-er posts some meme or complains about "resolutioners" who are taking up their precious gym space. 

Please, don't be that person. 

I get it. Most of us have our gym routines down to a science - it's like a well choreographed dance between dumbbells, squat rack, bench, and pull up bar. Adding more people to the equation can throw that a little off kilter. And "knowing" that those people will probably have their gym shoes collecting dust in a closet faster than they can say "superset" isn't exactly pleasing either.

But...do we (I'm certainly guilty of this behavior, too) actually know that?


We say that we want to see them succeed...but we all think we "just know" that those people won't succeed because of x,y, and z reason. This unfounded belief impacts the way we act towards others. Essentially, we treat those individuals in a different, and often times more negative, way that makes them less likely to stick around. We become part of the reason why they may feel uncomfortable or judged. We become part of the reason why they leave. 

Would you want to stick around at a place where no one believed in you or cared enough to even help you out? Probably not. 

So instead of being part of the problem, let's aim to be part of the solution. 

Say "Hi" to someone who is new. Offer help or show them around or even just exchange some pleasantries to break the ice. If they ask a question, answer it or point them to someone who can. The extra 5 minutes that it takes you to be kind could have an impact on that person that lasts far longer than that. 

Do you want people to get healthy, strong, and find all of the awesomeness that comes along with discovering exercise that is fun and enjoyable?

Act accordingly.