My 5 Favorite Dieting Tips for Long Term Success

Dieting, whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or simply make some nutritional tweaks, can be incredibly stressful.

[this isn't how it has to be]




Not only is it physical stressful - feeling hungry or incredibly full isn't very fun - but it is mentally stressful. In my experience, the mental stress far outweighs the physical. For me, keeping in mind these five things helps make dieting more enjoyable and a whole lot less stressful:

  1. It's not permanent - you will not feel hungry forever. you will not feel so bloated and full forever. Fat loss and/or weight gain are not permanent states. You don't have to eat more/less forever. 
  2. Don't operate from a scarcity mindset  - i.e.  "I must eat all the things now because I'll never be able to have it ever again". Are there times when you really WON'T have those items ever again or they're rare/special (baked good from a grandparent, delicacy in a different country, etc.)? Absolutely. And you should most definitely eat those things!
  3. Forget perfect - Consistency is far more important than perfection. 
  4. There is no one size fits all -  if you have to white knuckle through 98% of your diet, it's not the diet for you
  5. Sustainability matters - creating sustainable habits and cultivating a healthy relationship with food = sustainable results. Those items are MUCH more important than any body fat % number.

Were you expecting something about how to not feel hungry or the magic of brown rice (for the record - team white rice ALL THE WAY)? NOPE. While those sorts of tips are all well and good, to a point,  it has been my experience that changing expectations and mentality is far more important to long term success than what type of potato you buy (#allcarbsarebeautiful).


Change your expectations and your mindset - change your outcomes.