Should You Throw Out Your Scale? Plus, ONLINE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION

Several women (and men) have a rather shaky relationship with the scale: they dread it, they loathe it, they hate it. And one of the common solutions to this loathing is the idea that we should all just chuck that scale right off the side of a building. And then, BAM, LIBERATION!!!

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But is this actually the case? Are we all of a sudden liberated because we don’t weigh ourselves anymore? I mean, are we actually free of all the bullshit negativity that we associate with the numbers on a scale? My initial inclination is to say “well, duh, yes because no numbers = no negative shitty feelings!” But, the more I think about it, the more it seems like the notion of just never stepping on a scale again is really just an avoidance tactic. The solution is just to avoid something that serves as the physical representation of some much deeper issues. And yes, smashing that thing could be incredibly cathartic, but does it actually do anything to change the issues at hand?


How many times have you heard someone say (or maybe you’ve even said these things yourself):

“The scale said I was up 3lbs and it ruined my day”

“After vacation, I don’t want to step on the scale”

“Getting weighed at the doctor makes me anxious and I hate it”

“If I could just lose 5lbs, I’d be so happy!”


These statements all center around weight changes as quantified by a scale. But the problem isn’t really the scale.

All of these statements really hint at someone’s unhappiness with their body and I don’t think throwing out the scale or avoiding the scale is something that changes that.


Are there times when individuals really SHOULD avoid a scale? Absolutely. For example, scale avoidance is usually recommended for individuals recovering from eating disorders. And for some, throwing out the scale does liberate all of those thoughts and issues. However, for the majority of people, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I know that it certainly wasn't the case for me. 

YES, the use of metrics besides a scale (like progress photos, body fat percentage, how your clothes fit, etc.) is incredibly helpful, especially when assessing body composition changes. BUT what if you could simply divorce the feelings of unhappiness from weight? What if you could learn to be happy in your body despite what a number says? What if you were able to view that number for what it is - a metric, a data point, a damn NUMBER. It is not a self-esteem rating, it does not tell you how great of a person you are, and it should not have any  bearing about how you feel about yourself on any given day. What if you didn't have to avoid it, stress about it, or feel bad about it?

Decoupling self esteem from the scale is no easy task and it involves examining a whole lot of stuff like socialization, expectations, body image, motivations, social scripts….and you get the idea. It’s a lot of stuff to wade through. I think making your way through all of this stuff is pretty critical for physique change success and, more importantly, it’s important for the pursuit of living a life where you like the skin you’re in.  

With that in mind, Jason Struck and I created a workshop aimed at addressing the issues mentioned above AND helping people achieving whatever physique-related goals they may have. This workshop is so much more than a “here are your macros, go eat something” workshop.  It is aimed at creating lasting, sustainable change and success. We hope that people come away from this workshop not only feeling and performing their best, but with a sense of body confidence and freedom to do what they want with their bodies, no apologies or negative feelings necessary.

If you're local, come join us! It starts this Saturday. Just click the link above to get your tickets!


Because we have had such interest in an online version of this workshop, we are offering an online version of this workshop a very limited group. This group will receive:

  • a PDF of information on how the workshop functions
  • video recording of presentations/lectures/workshop each week & any materials that are used
  • individualized macro calculations and adjustments
  • access to FB discussion group just for members
  • weekly email check in with Jason and Gabby (me!)


This 10 session/13 week workshop costs $99 and will start August 28.  The group will be limited to 30 participants. You must purchase “tickets” to get started, so get them early! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!!!