Events, Announcements, & Updates

Whoa. Life (I typed lift) got busy and I didn’t intend for this space to stay quiet for so long. I’ve got a few posts lined up for the upcoming weeks but in the meantime, let’s catch up!  

Announcements & Events


I’m co-promoting a strongman show! And you should come compete in it! Or spectate! Or volunteer!

We’re very excited about this event and working on securing some awesome sponsors (if you’re interested in sponsoring this event, please email me at gabbysgfree at gmail dot come!) and even a special after party. It’s going to be a great show and I can’t wait to see everyone there!

Check out the FB event here. And here is the entry form!


I’m also co-instructing an awesome nutrition workshop titled “Flexible Dieting and Freedom”. This workshop is SO MUCH more than just a diet plan or intro to flexible dieting. It addresses things like societal expectations, body image, goal setting as well as practical nutrition information like calculating macros, designing your diet, and more. You can read more about the workshop and sign up here!  *Note you DO NOT need to be a member of Full Circle to join, so sign up!


I’ve still got some shirts for sale! Get yours in the “shop” (and check out how to cut if off here).


Miscellaneous Stuff


I had a birthday. I ate a lot of steak and gluten-free chocolate peanut butter reese’s cake. It was glorious.

@thejasonmfstruck yelling at me to get on #teamTryHarder and not be so terrified of my heavy front squats.

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I compete in Kentucky on the 15th for what will be my last show of the season. My body is pretty beat up, I’m tired, and pretty ready to be done competing and go into the off season. Training has still be going pretty well and I hit an all time front squat PR of 183# for 5 (183# was my 1RM 8 weeks ago), all of my implement work has been going well, and I’m seeing improvements across the board.

  I’m doing a weightlifting meet in September, because why not?

I randomly did a bodyweight pull up (a few actually). So that was cool.   I'm so ready for the heat and humidity to be gone. GO AWAY PLEASE.

This chicken recipe is changing my liiiife. And by "recipe" I mean, the laziest possible way to make a whole chicken into shredded, crispy goodness.