What 1 Year of Flexible Dieting Looks Like (in photos)

*note: majority of photos are from Stephanie Lau/Crossfit Full Circle* Around this time last year, I decided to move down a weight class and use a “flexible dieting” or macro/calorie counting based approach to do that. So here is what one year of flexible dieting actually looks like:

June 2014: Starting weight of 168ish probably. Just finished competing in my last novice competition.

September 2014: Slowing dropping down. I’m probably about 158-155 here.


Late November-December 2014: Getting closer. About 145-148. Deficit is getting bigger as I get ready to make weight for my first lightweight open show.

January 2015: Make weight. Sit around 143.

February - March 2015: I spend some time gaining a few lbs. I get to around 146-148 and pack on a few lbs of muscle.

April- May 2015: I cut a little weight and make weight for another two contests.

June/now 2015: I’m focusing on maintaining my weight between 143-145 and getting ready to compete again in August.