Ladies Lift Here May Queen 2015 Strong(wo)man Contest Recap

This was my second contest of my “season” and it was so much fun. I competed in another show in this series in January and like that show, this show was very well run and an all around awesome event. I cannot thank Ladies Lift Here, the volunteers, the sponsors, the spectators, and everyone involved ENOUGH for putting on an amazing show. Truly top notch stuff. The Strongma’am team did SO great - we had a lightweight novice competitor win 1st, a heavyweight open competitor take 2nd, and our middleweight ladies and other heavyweight competitors put on quite a show in an absolutely stacked contest. I really couldn’t be more proud of them because I think if I was any more proud of them, my heart might actually explode. And thank you to our coach Jason Struck  for all the work he puts in to our coaching, programming, and management of our team. And of course, a big thanks to the entire Full Circle family for being the bestest.


And now...on to the recap.



I woke up on Friday morning weighing in at 140.4 aka the very EDGE to the .01 of my weight class so I was a little stressed out. I went to the gym and filmed a tutorial (managing to only smack myself in the face once) and spent the rest of the day being kind of miserable. I cut off water and food around 8pm the night before so I was thirsty and hungry and pretty spaced out. The husband and I met up with most of my team to caravan up to the town where the show was since we had a rented a house to stay in so we could weigh in the night before and relax. The drive, which normally takes four hours, took over 6 hours and was nothing but traffic. At this point, I was SO hungry and thirsty and just desperate to weigh in. To say I was unpleasant to deal with would probably be an understatement. We drove straight to the gym, I stripped down to booty shorts and a sports bra, weighed in at 139.6 and immediately ate and drank everything I could find. We all went to dinner then went back to our house, foam rolled and giggled too much, and then went to sleep.


Saturday aka Competition Day:

We woke up bright and early to get ready, get food, and get to the gym to set up before the rules meeting and say hi to everyone. Going into this contest, I was sort of unclear about what my goals for the show were. Really, I was afraid of setting the goal that I wanted and not reaching it. I’ve got a serious problem with allowing myself to set lofty goals because I don’t think I can achieve them/I’m not confident in my abilities. And that’s a topic for a post on it’s own. SO, What I REALLY wanted for this show was to not zero any event and prior to actually being there, I felt a little less than confident in my ability to do that.  Several events were either at my max or things that I hadn’t actually done in training so I went in a little blind, but with an idea of what I could accomplish. Not zeroing any events isn’t something I’ve done in the open class and I just really wanted to put a score up for every single event. After rules and Reese’s cups, it was time to line up for the first event.



Log clean and press: Clean every rep and do as many reps as possible in  60 seconds, 110# 10inch log. I loathe most pressing events and the log is certainly no exception. 110# was my gym PR in training on a 8inch log and I had hit 105# on our 10 inch log two weeks ago so I had some idea of what I could do with this event. In addition to needing to get a lot stronger, my technique is inconsistent and is a HUGE reason why I’m not great at log pressing. I just don’t step forward and get my head through and as a result, I miss the jerk. I had to wait around for a long time since our class (lightweight open) was the last class in our “group” (we were divided to make things move faster) and all I tried to do was focus on anything other than the event because I didn’t want to make myself nervous or get in my head too much. When it was my turn, I just told myself that failure was not an option. I WAS going to put that god forsaken implement above my head, no matter what. I cleaned the log easily, split jerked, and found myself putting my feet together to get my down command and literally screamed because I was so excited. I cleaned it two more times and attempted to press it two more times but couldn’t make it happen - although I was more than capable of doing so. I basically walked away yelling “ I DIDN’T ZERO IT!” and jumping. Definitely the highlight of the day for me.


18inch axle deadlift: Up and down commands (no touch and go), as many reps as possible in 60 seconds, 260# axle. I love 18 inch deadlifts and loathe axle deadlifts (tiny hand problems) but I was okay with this event. The addition of having an up command threw me off a little bit - if I can pick something up, I can usually rep it out very quickly if I can touch and go and having to reset each time definitely changes things. I had actually never done this weight in training - I had tried it once and failed but I knew if I could pull it, I could rep it. I ended up getting 11 reps (I didn’t make my last rep because my grip failed) which wasn’t a great score but it was better than I anticipated and certainly a far cry from this time last year when I could barely pick up a 275# barbell from 18 inches and do 3 reps with it.


Keg/sandbag/sled medley: carry a 150# sandbag & 150# keg 50 feet, load into sled, drag sled 50 feet, time cap of 75 seconds. This event murdered just about everyone. Having to wait around was sort of miserable especially because it took a little longer than the other events. I was mainly worried about the sandbag since I had never done that before so after talking with my coach, I decided to do that first and get it over with. I ran with the sandbag no problem, sprinted to keg, picked it up and started running and then it fell. And I basically couldn’t move it after that. The handle was sort of wet/slippery and it just kept sliding down my forearm until it fell. I tried to pick it up, lap it, etc. but my back sort of locked up, one of my adductors was NOT feeling good (I strained it a little) and I just got totally frustrated. Basically, the option of failure entered into the equation. Time ran out and I was SO pissed off. I was so furious with myself because a 150# keg is something I’ve run in training several times and I knew the sled drag wasn’t going to be the main problem. This was the event I was supposed to really make up some ground, points wise, and instead it went very poorly. I felt very defeated. After this, I was so mentally tired and knocked off my game and never really got back to being very focused. Lesson learned.


Tire flip: flip 425# tire as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Tire flips and I have some serious baggage. Number 1 - I hate them, Number 2 - this was nearly the same weight that I had zero’ed in my first contest ever, Number 3 - I have a real consistency problem with tires. I basically told myself that I had to flip the tire. I HAD TO. I ended up getting 1 flip in and while it was hard, it wasn’t impossible. I attempted to flip it several more times but my technique just flew out the window. I felt really unfocused and just sort of “there” during this event and was just mentally drained. I was also very nervous and seriously concerned about this event and had been dreading it for months. I got too in my head and built it up too much and that cost me what should have been several more flips.


Truck pull: Pull a UHaul truck 50 feet, 60 second time limit. I felt like I waited around FOREVER for this event and by the time my turn came around, I had basically no focus or intensity left in my me. I ended up doing okay in this event with a time of 43 seconds but I know I could have been much faster. I stumbled around a bit which cost me time and I was so tired by this point that I didn’t have my usual speed.


Overall, I took 7th out of a stacked 9 women and didn’t zero a single thing. Considering this contest was almost entirely events that I’m less than stellar at (someone put together a clean medley, squat event, sled drag, loading for reps contest pleaaaaase), I feel pretty okay with my performance. I know I HAVE to work on my consistency and mental game and I need to develop some strategies to help myself stay focused and ready during long events (this contest wasn’t all that long but most are). I compete again at the end of May and I can’t wait!