Weekly Round-Up I

I’ve never really done a weekly round-up post of any kind on the blog, but I really enjoy these types of posts from other bloggers, so I thought I would incorporate a weekly round-up into the blog rotation.


Find Me Around the Internet

 SO MANY NEW THINGS. Life has been so crazy busy with new things that it’s almost mind numbing. A few new things:

Carb Creatives


You have probably seen my #waronwaroncarbs hashtag on instagram, facebook, or twitter and a fellow lifting buddy, my coach Jason and I decided to make our favorite hashtag into an apparel line! We are starting small with some always available shirts, tanks, and hoodies but will be expanding to some special limited edition, bigger, and better things soon. Grab a shirt and show off your well fueled self!

Keep up with the Facebook page for more info, updates, and ridiculous memes!



My coach, Jason Struck, and I noticed that in the world of the internetz, there seemed to be a lack of information about strongman for women. There wasn’t much out there about how to get into the sport, how to train for the sport, and  more female-specific issues so, we decided to take action. We created the Strongma’am page in an effort to create an educational community for women in the sport of Strongman. We will be putting out tutorial videos, FAQ/discussion type vidoes, highlighting articles, and more as the community begins to grow. We are always looking for topics to cover so please let us know if you have anything you’d like to see!

 Here is our first FAQ/discussion video, or as we call it, our “Fireside Chat” about how to find your first strongman contest, especially if you’re a novice female competitor, and what to do after you send in that entry form.

Again, check out the Facebook page for more videos and such!

Books I’m Reading


I’ve been doing a lot of ebook reading on strength & conditioning, training, etc.  this week thanks to a slew

of new and awesome ebooks that have been released.

 The Art of Lifting & The Science of Lifting by Greg Nuckols

The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada

Articles & Posts Worth Reading

Strength & Conditioning/Training

Delineating Levels in Crossfit Athletes

Stress: Why Obsessing About The Stuff That Doesn’t Matter Can Mess You Up

Understanding and Managing Joint Hypermobility

Strongwoman Shoulders the Weight of a Male-Dominated Sport



You Don’t Have to Do This

5 Reasons Why NOT to Want Perfection



Intermittent Fasting For Women

Nutrition for Hybrid Training (video not article but good!)

Any article or book that you are particularly loving this week?