Weekly Round Up II

Here is this week’s weekly round up of things I’m reading, writing, and enjoying.

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This week’s Strongma’am fireside chat is all about what gear you should get for competing and training in the sport of Strongman. We cover our favorite items, tell some bad jokes, and accidentally match shirts. It’s a good time.

I’m a contributor to a shared blog with some really awesome ladies. My latest post is about what to do when you’re not making progress.



Articles and Posts Worth Reading

Strength & Conditioning/Training

Cutting Weight for a Meet from 70s big - An oldie but goodie article. I compete next weekend so my life will revolve around water for the next several days.

3 Keys to Self Programming from Drew Spriggs/Starting Strongman - goooood stuff



IIFYM vs. Carb Backloading by Kristen Newman



5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking by Greg Nuckols



3 Ways the Body Positive Movement Could Be More Body Positive - yesssssss


And that's it! It's been a pretty busy week so hopefully I'll some more links next week since I'll have extra time thanks to deload/taper things.