Five Things Friday

Just a random little post for Friday! 1. Sometimes you smack yourself in the face with the log on set number 5billion of split jerks. It didn't hurt, it didn't really bruise, but it was pretty funny.


2. THIS SHIRT. (P.S. you can read about how to purchase one here!)

3. The other day, as I was eating bowl number two of rice, I thought to myself "I'm so sick of carbs.".....and then I came back to reality. #waronwaroncarbs


4. I made some gelatin gummies and they're delicious! I didn't really follow a recipe but I know that Paleo Parents has some great recipes for them. They're my attempt to get some extra joint support since I can't take fish oil (it drastically increases my bruising to an almost unbearable level).


5. We have had so many snow days which has been great. Snow days make me want to cook all the beef bourguignon.