Random Updates

It’s been awhile since I just rambled on about nonsense so I think I will do just that: 1. Post competition, my appetite was totally out of whack - which is to be expected if you go from dieting hard to eating all the things post weight cut. I actually weighed in very light most of the week and was having a hard time eating much of anything. Last Friday, my appetite came back with a vengeance - gluten free pizza and wine will do that. (Also WINE I LOVE YOU. I missed wine.)


2. The week after this last contest was spent doing mostly deload/light stuff in the gym but I did do some split jerks for heavy singles and managed to hit my old PR of 120# fairly easy. Let’s hope that means my press will move in the right direction.


3. Espresso + protein powder + steamed almond milk has become my go-to afternoon pick me up.


4. I’ve had a little more time to write and talked about the importance of paying it forward over on Starting Strongman.

5. I set some goals for the year. Also read this immediately:

If you haven't read @chadwesleysmith's "Courage to Be Great" post over at @juggernauttraining , I suggest doing that right now. My big goals for the year are to take action, to run towards risks instead of away from them (preferably with heavy weights in my hands), and to get really, REALLY strong in the process. More specifically: - clean & press 150# (axle, log, whatever) - over 2x bodyweight deadlift (300# club or bust) - qualify for NAS nationals - get my CSCS - get a nutrition certification - have a back that eclipses the sun - learn something every.single.damn.day If your goals scare you, you're probably doing it right. #couragetobegreat #strongwoman #strongman #fifluential #ladieslifthere #startingstrongman #srbarsathlete --- photo by @sjlaux

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6. Our new training cycle started on Monday and I’ve learned that volume accumulation in training means volume nap & food accumulation the rest of the time. I napped twice yesterday (granted, I did not sleep well/much the night before) and STILL slept about 10 hours.

7. I will be taking my CSCS soon so I’m dedicating a lot more time to studying. Most nights look something like this:

http://photos-f.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t51.2885-15/10891030_850201768373549_1032869831_n.jpg 8. I added a new page to the blog that includes affiliate links and discount codes!

9. Writing about/getting asked about weight loss is WEIRD. It just is. I don’t mind talking about or writing about - I mean, I am the person who gets excited to spend time reading about glycolysis after all - but it is a bit strange. I have so many posts drafted up that cover some more specific things so those will be up soonish. If you have anything you’d like to see, tell me!

10. True life: