Reflection on 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, I've had quite a bit of time to reflect thanks to a long overdue period of time off. This year has been hectic to say the least, but it has also been profoundly productive in a number of ways. I've learned a lot, had a lot of success, had a lot of fails, and have grown more than I thought possible.


I competed a few times and had a productive off season in Strongman, despite some injuries and set backs.


I moved down a weight class and spent more time learning about nutrition than I care to admit.


I achieved some big goals and set even bigger goals to be achieved in the future.


My husband and I opened a food truck.


I wrote a lot about body image and my process of my making peace with body.


I spent a lot of time learning from my mistakes and failures.


I took risks. Lots of them.


I spent a lot of time doing Strongman things - from writing about, to learning about it, to helping coach training camps.


I ate a lot of peanut butter cups and drank a lot of wine.


I changed the focus of this space - it wasn't intentional or planned, it just sort of evolved. And I love that.


I spent a lot of time and energy on reaching out to women who lift and encouraging women to pick up some iron - from running a now very large FB group to writing for female focused websites, this was definitely the year of women who lift.

I can't wait for 2015.