Day in the Life #5

First off, thanks to everyone for the great comments on last week’s post. Second off, you all really like day in the life posts so, here’s another one for you!

5am: alarm goes off, wake up, make coffee, take out my dog, get dressed, eat some oatmeal + protein powder + peanut butter


5:30am: drive to the gym


5:45-6am: warm up, stretch, accessorize (knee wraps, wrist wraps, all that fun stuff)


6:00-7:15am: Train


Power cleans 5x3 @ 44kg

Strict press 5x5 @ 60#

Back squat 3x5 @ 185# (grind of my life)


7:30am: Get home, quickly change, do my makeup, make protein shake, grab 2 cups of cereal


8:00am: Get to work, chug said shake, munch on cereal


8:00-1:00pm: Work

1:30pm: Husband picks me up from work, we run errands to buy equipment for the food truck, then stop at Chipotle for lunch


2:30pm: Get home, eat Chipotle (chicken, white rice, no beans, veggies, salsas).


3:00-6:00pm: I work doing the books for the food truck, writing, organizing food truck stuff, scheduling food truck, answering emails


6:30pm: Eat a random mix of things in the fridge like brussel sprouts, green beans, and chicken.

7:00-8:30pm: Do some CSCS studying with a few apps on my phone.


8:30pm: Eat some sweet potato, canned pumpkin, and peanut butter


9:00pm: Start getting ready for the next day.

10:00pm: Get ready for bed and attempt to sleep!