Q&As: Weight Loss Questions

It’s Q & A time! I’ve grouped questions by category to make things a bit easier.


Weight Cut Questions


1. How is the weight cut going/how far are you from your goal/how much have you lost?: The weight is on track and I’m about 8lbs away from where I would like to be for training purposes (I’ll cut a small amount of water weight to compete). I’ve lost about 17lbs total since my last contest weigh in (at the very end of May) - overall, I’ve lost about 6-8% body fat and gained probably 10lbs of muscle or so.


2. How has the process of losing weight been? Have you lost any strength?: We are taking a bit more aggressive approach to just be DONE with this cut so the past 3 weeks haven’t exactly  been super fun but overall, the process has been fine. Quite a few people have asked me if this process has been extremely difficult and honestly, not really. I mean sure, not eating as much and having some level of caloric restriction isn’t exactly comfortable but at this point, I feel like it’s not a huge deal for me. I’ve got a solid enough nutritional base that I can manage being compliant to a not-nearly-as-fun-as-ice-cream-and-wine diet. Does it take some extra time? Sure. Am I hungry sometimes? Yup. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s temporary.

As far as my strength goes, my strength has either increased or maintained for all of my lifts (I was injured for a good chunk of time so I couldn’t do things like back squat or deadlift but even those lifts stayed the same). Things feel heavy and I’ve cut waaaay back on my volume and accessory work and rearranged some things to help maximize my recovery but overall, I feel better than I thought I would at this point.


3. What strategies have you used to lose weight? What does your diet look like? Have you included any cardio?:  My nutritional strategy has mostly been a carb cycling approach where I count and track my macros and my calories. My diet involves a lot of white rice, gluten free oats, potatoes, plantain chips, meat, veggies, coconut oil, and olive oil. There is some occasional chocolate, ice cream, wine, and other stuff that comes in as well.  I don’t have “off” limit foods (minus the whole eat gluten and feel horrendous for months things) because I don’t think that is an effective strategy. Is food selection important? Yes, especially if you are trying to increase performance and recovery. BUT, other things like caloric load, also matter. Yes, sorry, calories matter. Are they the end all be all? Not really. But they matter. (I’m writing an article about alllll that soon!).

Recently, I’ve been an eating a high carb, moderate protein, moderate fat diet since my calories are cut back a little and eating that way every single day. I’m basically a carb. I haven’t included any “cardio” other than doing some rounds (3-5 rounds of 20secs or less of work) of sled drags for about 5 weeks, although those didn’t really do much for me weight loss wise (but I love them). Like I mentioned, I also cut my volume way way way back to ensure that I can actually recover and make progress.

That’s it for now! I’ll be back later with more Q&As next week!