Blog Content Survey

For all intensive purposes, I’m a Type A person - I thrive off of plans, routines, and spreadsheets. One place I don’t do that….this space. For whatever reason, I could never get on board with editorial calendars, scheduling posts, etc. Don’t get me wrong, when I work with companies/brands/products, I’m meticulous about meeting my requirements and deadlines. But as far as scheduling and planning my own content...that rarely happens. As a result, this space ebbs and flows and changes - it goes from heavily recipe oriented to more posts about training to more mindset-esque posts to practical tips, etc. I also refuse to produce content just to produce content - I’d rather have this space be a little quiet than put out something that isn’t helpful or useful in any way. Life has been crazy busy, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon, so I want to make the most out of my limited writing and blogging time. SO with that said, I’m interested in what YOU all want to read more about it.

Since I love data and numbers and things, I've devised a quick little survey to gauge what sort of topics you all like most, least, and what you want to see more/less of. If you would take a second or five to answer a few questions, it would be SUPER helpful!



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