Day in the Life #4

A few people  mentioned that they wanted to see some more “day in the life” type posts, so, here you go! Here's a glimpse into my Monday. (note: not all photos are from Monday)

[this has nothing to do with anything - I just really like our new gym shirts]

6:30AM: Alarm goes off. Wake up, shower, feed the pup, take her out, make coffee, pack food & clothes for the day, get ready.


7:45AM: Husband drops me off at work. He needs the car for the day so we make it work. I get to work, sip on some coffee blended up with coconut oil & ½ scoop of protein powder.


8:00AM - 1:00PM: Work. I teach this day so I spend the majority of the time lecturing. On my breaks, I check emails, eat, do some social media stuff, etc.

For breakfast (around 10:00AM) I have some roasted sweet potatoes, 3 hard boiled eggs, 2 small chicken sausages and more coffee.



1:00PM: Husband picks me up from work and we drive over to our food truck (oh yeah...we own a food truck. and it’s opening this week. It’s fantastic/scary/exhausting). I change clothes at the commercial kitchen we rent to prep food and we get started.

[Yup. We own that!]

1:30PM-2:00PM: We check in inventory, get organized, clean equipment, etc.


2:00PM: I realize I’m HUNGRY so I sit outside and quickly eat some spaghetti squash, chicken breasts, and broccoli with roasted red peppers and olive oil.

[I survive from tupperware]

2:15-5:30PM: I help the husband prep food. I think on Monday I made several pounds of pimento cheese (NOM) and cooked off several pounds of bacon.

[bacon wrapped meatloaf!]

5:30PM: I eat some plantain chips while I drive to the gym.


5:45PM: Get to the gym, change, stretch, warm up, get my BCAA/creatine cocktail all mixed up.

[Dragging sleds with my sled drag buddy - we have matching knee wraps. photo by Stephanie Lau]

6:00-8:00PM: Train.

Power cleans 5x3: 100# (technically 98# - I used a 15kg bar)

Strict press 5x5: 65# (technically 63# - I used a 15kg bar)

Front squats with chains: 5x3: 100# + 40ish pounds of chains

Incline z-press with 8inch log 2x10: 70#ish

Sled drag, max effort, 80 foot drag: 465# (3x bodyweight)

Overall, I was super tired going into the gym. Power cleans and strict presses felt easy. Front squats felt fine but they’re always a little brutal. Sled drag was tough - on my first attempt, I didn’t even budged the sled. One my second attempt, I was able to get it going and once I started, I just didn’t stop. It HURT.


8:00PM: Drink a protein shake while I drive home.


8:30PM-9:00PM: The husband and I make dinner - steak with sauteed mixed mushrooms and white rice.


9:30PM: Finish eating dinner, clean the kitchen, start packing food for the next day.

10:00PM: Quick shower, get clothes ready for the next day, answer emails and social media things.

11:00PM: SLEEP.