Flashback Friday: Birthday Edition

The benefit of having a blog (other than having a living recipe book!) is that you can look back at certain points and appreciate how much has or has not changed. Truthfully, I rarely spend time digging through my blog unless I’m looking for something specific - in fact, I’m not really one for “reflection” posts at all. I did get curious though about what I was doing this time last year since my birthday is coming up and it has been one seriously crazy year. Here are some excerpts of things that were on the blog in July 2013:

Title: “Week 1 of Strongman Training”

“This week, I spent a good chunk of time learning how to load a stone & practicing said skill. We don’t have very many strongman implements at the gym so my coach and I are working with what we have for now. I must say, loading stones is much more difficult than it looks but it really is a lot of fun. There is something very satisfying about picking up a concrete stone and putting it on a platform. It is also very tiring - mostly because it is something new for me. And let me tell you, it makes your upper back and biceps all types of sore in ways you didn’t know you could be sore. Also, atlas stone rash is this season's hottest accessory..”



Would you like to know what the heaviest stone I loaded that week was? 106#. I failed 114#.


I have loaded 200# multiple times. I’m pretty confident I could load 220#+.


I also spent my birthday squatting 175x5 - I will squat 175 for an easy 3x5 building-back-up-from-deload session tonight.



I was also making a whole lot of changes:


“1. I'm registering for a Strongman competition in September! So, I have never competed in anything athletic in my adult life and I have definitely never even attempted my Strongman events. I'm actually really looking forward to this - it be a nice way to mix up my gym time and frankly, I need to do it just to get in the habit of not over-thinking things and just DOING THEM.

2. Career change. Well, I guess not so much change and figuring out WHAT it is I actually like/want/feel the need to do. Previously, I've mostly done things that I'm good at or that I don't have to "try" very hard at - I was the person in school who didn't need to study very hard to get A's, most of my jobs have been things that aren't terribly challenging and thus, not terribly rewarding. I've figured out that what I really LIKE to do is teach - in any sort of capacity. I resisted this SO HARD in my undergrad and grad school, I always wanted to do research or be a clinician of some sort or be in the field. But once I stopped resisting it, I noticed that I get the most enjoyment/challenge out of helping other people - whether it is literally teaching a class, helping someone at the gym who asks for my advice, or just helping a person accomplish a simple task. It's rewarding, it's freaking hard, and I'm not the best at it - which is why I really need to do it.

3. Truly embracing failure. I obviously don't seek out failure and yes, I am disappointed when I fail at something but I don't let it completely wreck me. Previously, I was VERY anti-failure - I only did things I KNEW I was good at and that had a high chance, if not a guarantee,  of success. Somewhere along the line this got old. I think that I really just stopped giving a shit what people would think of me if I failed. It's a hugely freeing and terrifying feeling but I'm rolling with it.”

I have figured out that I really enjoy teaching - in various capacities. I have a nearly full-time teaching gig, I’m studying for my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) certification, and getting my feet wet by co-coaching our strongman workshop series.



Things that haven’t changed: My love for all things steak. My coffee obsession/dependency. The fact that my husband and insane dog are the best. My love affair with squats.

See ya, 25. 26 looks like it’s going to be pretty damn awesome.