RVA Alpha Strong(wo)man Contest Recap

My last contest of my season is officially done (you can read about the others here, here, annnnd here)….and I’ve got some mixed feelings about. Going into this contest, I felt really good - the weights were VERY light (I think too light) but I was excited to test out my speed since that isn’t something that I usually get to “test”. And well, sometimes it’s just fun to sprint through events and implements. It was also really fun to compete with everyone from my team who all did really, really well (they took 1st and 3rd in women’s novice and my coach took 3rd in men’s lightweight novice). I had such a fun time competing and I really wasn’t nervous or anxious at all.  As usual, I’ll  recap the events in order.

(all photos courtesy of fellow gym member Mitch!)

[sorry for the poor quality - iphone problems]

Power medley - clean and press 80lb axle, 80lb log then deadlift 185# from the floor and 225# from 18inches (off the blocks): I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to stack up in this event since I wasn’t super fast in training. All of the weights were extremely light so it really was just about sprinting through it. I ended up taking second in this event and PR’ed this event with a time of 18seconds and change, with my previous training PR being around 19-20 seconds.




[it felt like that face] Farmers hold (120# per hand) for time: I was dreeeading this event - not because it was super heavy (it wasn’t) but because it’s pretty painful. I also have pretty terrible grip strength so I was just hoping to not come in last. I ended up taking third and PR’ing the event with a time of 51seconds - my training partner held them for 2 plus minutes! Afterwards, I couldn’t open my hands for awhile and another guy from my gym shook up my hands and forearms which really helped.



Yoke race (250# yoke - run 40 feet, drop and repick, run 40 feet): I messed up on this event a bit - I was uncomfortable with my hand placement on the yoke (I had to grip it differently due to the size) and we ran next to another person and I kept almost hitting the girl I ran against. My time was slower than I wanted but I think I took second in this event as well.




[the only running I do]

Keg/sled medley - carry a 110/115# keg (I can’t remember the exact weight), load it to a low box, sprint 40 feet, then drag a 150#/200# sled 40 feet: I was really looking forward to this event because I LOVE keg carries. I was super fast on this event and took second only missing first by something like 0.30 seconds. SO CLOSE. I was super happy with my performance on this though, especially since it was different than I had practiced in training.


[I have no idea why I do that with my hands buuut yeah]

Max stone to 48”(ish) platform: We had several stones placed around a platform and had 60 seconds to load the heaviest stone possible. Heaviest stone wins but if everyone loads the same stone, fastest time wins.  I messed up on this. I ended up loading the 175# after loading the 160#  but this event ruined my placing. We all loaded the 175# but I did it the slowest and quite frankly, I should have just started with the 175# to have a faster time. I should have had someone else determine what I would start with because I just wasn’t sure I could load the 175# to a high-ish platform.

I spent most of the day tied for second and third and walked into the last event tied for first. I was super pleased with my performance the entire day and I still AM very pleased with my performance. When awards were announced and I wasn’t called out, I was pretty heartbroken. It is a pretty terrible feeling to have the thought that FINALLY, all of your hard work will pay off and then essentially, have nothing happen (I realize this is a totally illogical statement because my work did pay off with a good performance). Our scores were posted after awards and it turns out that I was tied, in points, with both second AND third place but because my other competitors had higher event finishes, I didn’t place. I couldn’t be too mad because it was my training partner who beat me for 3rd but it still did not feel great.  I won’t lie and say that it wasn’t pretty discouraging but it was and it is. It feels like I haven’t had any real positive reinforcement through competition and on Saturday, there were definitely a few thoughts of “what the eff am I doing?! and why the heck do I put myself through this over and over again?”. Again, it’s not logical, it’s not even really reasonable but it was definitely how I felt after the event. I felt a little better on Sunday but at this point, I’m as okay with it as I’m ever going to be and I just have to move onward and upward. I’m very glad that I essentially tied for second and third but disappointed with the finish. I’m very much looking forward to an off-season because my body is tiiiiired and I’m looking forward to changing up training a bit and seeing some major progress.