Day in the Life Vol. 3

Just a typical Monday

4:45am: Alarm goes off, change into gym clothes, let out the pup and take her outside, grab my gym bag, make coffee, pack food for work,  eat some sweet potato puree with ½ scoop protein powder (p.s. you can get 5% off my favorite mix from True Nutrition with my code "GGF")

5:35am: Arrive at the gym. Start warming up and stretching.

 6:00am: Start lifting. I don’t eat anything while I lift but I do drink coffee with heavy cream and a water/BCAA/creatine/electrolyte drink. I’m dealing with some suspected costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage near my sternum and 3rd/4th rib) so I’m having to modify things a bit and take it easy:

My workout:

Axle cleans: 5x2, 105# every 90s. I was supposed to do jerks as well but didn’t and I kept the cleans light since I wasn’t sure if it would bother my sternum

Back squats 3x5: 175#

Farmers walks: 4 rounds, 40 feet: 115# per hand

 I usually push press on Mondays as well but again, I’m avoiding all overhead stuff for the week.

7:30am: Change at the gym. Drive to work. Drink a protein shake and eat 2 gluten-free waffles in my car because carbs.

 8:00-1:00pm: Work. I eat 3 eggs and some roasted red potatoes around 10. I grab some iced coffee with my boss/friend/training partner for an hour or so after I’m done teaching.

 2:30pm: Get home. Eat some cumin scented chicken breast, peas, green beans, and white rice for lunch.

3:00-5:15pm: Catch up on emails, some house stuff, and relax a bit. Arrive home to some goodies from X2 Performance (yay!)

 5:30pm: Drive to work again.

6:00-10:00pm: Work. I eat some gluten-free brown rice pasta and canned tuna with red pepper flakes, fennel seeds, garlic, and olive oil.

 10:30pm: Plan out all of my meals for tomorrow, check more emails, make to do list for tomorrow.

11:30pm: SLEEP.


(P.S. if you missed it last week - check out my article over at Starting Strongman about the 5 most important things I've learned as a novice Strongwoman athlete).