Convenience Eating

Despite the fact that I’m a full-fledged member of team meal prep, I’m also a big believer in convenience eating. There have been countless times where I’m stuck somewhere for longer than I anticipated or I don’t have enough time to run home and eat so I’m left to find something to eat. Anyone who is gluten-free, has other dietary restrictions, or is just simply trying to stick with a meal plan can tell you that finding something on the go is no easy task.  BUT it’s not an impossible task.

As someone who is super sensitive to gluten (no, I can’t just take the bread off a sandwich and eat the insides...I wish!), I’ve spent so much time trying to find food on the go only to be met with disappoint or I just go hungry. I’m a firm believer in being prepared - hello bag of steak  in my purse - and carrying something around just in case. My usual emergency snacks are Epic bars or SR Bars (use my code “GABBY” for a discount!). But we’ve all been in the situation where you’re super hungry, you have no emergency snacks (the horror!), and you need food. OH and you’d also like to not eat something awful. For those times, these are my favorite convenient eating options:


1. Chipotle: I live off of Chipotle. I’m certain that my blood is 80% guacamole and carnitas. If there is a Chipotle near you, you are in luck. My go to is usually a burrito bowl with white rice (or no rice), no beans, fajita veggies, double meat, salsa, and guac. For the other gluten-free and celiac folks - they’re also extremely good about cross contamination and will happily change their gloves upon request before making your meal.

Great for:

- everything, duh

- a big meal to hold you over


2. Hot Bars: Hot bars are another great option. I usually stick with just getting a giant salad at any hot bar since I’m a bit leary of any sauced item that doesn’t have ingredients listed. I load up on grilled chicken, berries, nuts, spinach, some cheese, and tons of other vegetables. Hot bars are also great for stocking up on cooked proteins when you’re traveling and need to stock your hotel fridge.

Great for:

- making giant salads

- stocking up on cooked proteins

- getting fresh fruits and veggies


3. Gas stations: Yes, you CAN find something at a gas station. At a minimum, most gas stations will have some fresh fruit and nuts. Some also have hard boiled eggs, jerky (it’s rare to find gluten-free jerky at gas stations but I look everytime anyways), and even individual guacamole packs. I’ve even bought containers of deli meat and some carrots from a gas station and called it lunch. Yeah, I’m the girl eating an entire container of turkey while driving. It happens.

Great for:

- portable protein (hard-boiled eggs, deli meats, jerky)

- nuts and seeds

- quick snacks like carrots, guacamole, etc.

I’ve got some other ideas listed in this old post as well. Now, are all of these items the most high quality? No. BUT, don’t let perfection be the enemy of good. Would you rather eat something like hard boiled eggs and deli meat or opt for a crappy sugar-filled something? Exactly.

What are your favorite on-the-go foods?