10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Female Strength Athlete

This is intended to be a bit humorous so you've been warned.


1. You’re going to hear “but aren’t you worried about getting bulky?” at least 238907203.4 times. MINIMUM. And for the record, no I’m not. Because I want to be STRONG, because I don’t give a crap about what a ridiculous women’s magazine tells me I should look like, and because I actually LIKE my body and don’t spend every waking moment hating it.  #bigandbulklifeforever


2. Clothes shopping may turn into your least favorite activity. They don’t make jeans based on your quad size. Blazers don’t account for how much you bench. Spandex will be your new favorite material.


3. People will be astonished when you say that you like to exercise. As a woman, you’re expected to use exercise mostly as a form of punishment and self flagellation. I mean, how can you not be happy about the ability to squat most grown men, experience things you never thought you could do, and feel confident and happy  because of the fact that you’re strong?


4. You’re probably going to out eat all of your friends. While your Instagram feed will be full of juice cleanses and tiny 200 calorie breakfasts, you’re probably going to be eating steak and eggs. You’re going to be “that” girl who carries around a bag of bacon in her purse because, you know, emergency bacon snacks.

5. Trying to explain what you “do” to any doctor is going to be an adventure. - “How did you injure yourself?”

- “Oh, I compete and train Strongman.”

- blank stare

- “You know, like the big stones and stuff? Like on ESPN?”

- silence



6. Some Friday nights will be spent trying to fit your weightlifting shoes, various belts, and wrist wraps into one bag while chugging Pedialyte.

7. You’ll be asked again if you’re sure that you aren’t concerned about getting too bulky.  And the answer is still nope.



8. You’ll become an advocate for women getting strong. You don’t understand why everyone can’t just eat ice cream, squat, and get along. You’ll encourage women to find something that they like to do - even if that means not following the pack.


9. The thought of trying to achieve a “thigh gap” is laughable. If you have one naturally, cool. If you don’t, also cool.


http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xpf1/t51.2885-15/10401596_244726909049660_595320851_n.jpg 10. You’ll meet groups of women whose favorite day is also deadlift day, who can understand that finding a well fitting sports bra is like a finding a unicorn, and who believe in the importance of finding confidence and happiness through what your body can do rather than your jean size (and your jeans don't fit anyways because, squats).