Introducing the New Relay Foods Site! {giveaway}

*Disclaimer: I was given a coupon code/grocery items in exchange for my post. All opinions, thoughts, etc. are my own* You all know I’ve been a BIG fan of Relay Foods for quite some time now. I’ve been using Relay for at least a year now and really cannot recommend them enough. Having a non-traditional schedule means finding time to go and buy groceries is tough and it’s even more difficult when you have to run to 3 stores to get everything you need. Luckily, Relay solves all of that!

[the most gorgeous beef shanks from Relay!]

In case you’re not familiar with them, Relay Foods is a online grocery service where you can order your groceries online (even from your smart phone!) and then pick them up at convenient locations for free or pay a bit extra to have them delivered to your door. They have TONS of local goodies - everything from grass-fed local beef to organic local produce, seasonal specialities, and treats from local companies.  Well, recently Relay Foods has made some changes that have made shopping even easier such as:

Multiple search functions: You can search by item you’re looking in the search box or explore a little by selecting lists of items underneath categories. They even have “special diet” lists that include Paleo items, gluten-free items, dairy-free ice cream, etc. Seriously - THE coolest function ever!

Make lists: You’ve always been able to make lists on Relay but now they’re even easier to use (in my opinion). I put together a list of my favorite items for you all here. What I usually do is simply open my list, select the items I want to order and their quantities, and then I’m done. Grocery shopping for the week finished in about 5 minutes, done from my phone. While I drink wine on my couch.

Refill options: Again, you’ve always been able to select items for “refill” on Relay but again, it’s even easier to use. For example, you can schedule to have cream or milk added to your order every 2 weeks so you NEVER have to worry about running out of something or forgetting the basics.

Another one of my favorite features are the meal plans. I’ve been writing weekly meal plans for Relay for awhile now but I really love how they are set up on the new site. Every week, I publish a meal plan on Sundays with links to recipes and a complete grocery list of everything you need to make those meals during the week.  All you have to do is click the link with your city from the meal plan and all of the items will automatically be added to your grocery cart - then you can click through and delete items you already have, make substitutions, etc. Seriously - I plan your meals and then Relay does the rest. I don’t think it gets any easier than that.



I love food (obviously) and one of my favorite things about Relay is that they make it easy to discover new items, especially local items. Who knew you could spend 15 minutes browsing a grocery website and be entertained?! Seriously, I’ve found some of my favorite local companies through Relay simply because their site is so organized and emphasizes buying local goodies.

So to celebrate the launch of the shiny new website, I picked up a few of my favorite snack foods that I regularly buy from Relay to giveaway to one lucky reader. If you win, I’ll send a package with:

  • 1 Epic Bar (in my favorite Bison Bacon-Cranberry flavor)
  • 1 Yawp! Bar in Cafe Mocha flavor
  • 1 box of Caveman Cookies (new world flavor)

Also, if you’re interested in trying Relay Foods for the first time, you can get $30 off your first order of $50 or more (note: I receive a discount/commission if you use my link) by using my invite link or clicking the ad in the sidebar.


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I’ll pick a winner on Friday, June 6th.