Catching Up

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. I took the long weekend as an opportunity to relax and go on a quick little vacation. I also took some time to plan out a few things - lots of transitions & changes happening soon (hence the quietness on the blog!) so let's play catch up:


1. My last pre-competition workout was on Monday. It was probably one of the worst training sessions I've ever had - like cry in your coffee for 20 minutes in your car out of frustration bad. Realistically, it had pretty much nothing to do with my workout (although it wasn't where I wanted it to be) but more so the result of a LOT of stress and very little sleep. Oh well, onwards & upwards.


2. Eating hashbrowns smothered in bacon and cheese on Tuesday more than made up for a bad day on Monday.


3. I'm getting ready to take my CSCS (certified strength & conditioning coach) exam this fall/winter (hopefully) so it's time to start studying! One of the coaches at the gym let me borrow all of his study materials so no excuses now. (thanks again Matt!)


4. This post about food relationships, social media, & guilt by Elizabeth from Guilty Kitchen is absolutely fantastic. So is this post by Colleen. I highly recommend reading both.


5. My last competition of my "season" (most likely) is this Saturday. Everyone from our Strongman team is competing so it should be a super fun time. Bring on the Pedialyte...and post competition margaritas.

And that's it! I'll be back Friday with a fun giveaway - hint: it involves snacks.