X2 Performance Pre-Workout Review

Disclaimer: I was compensated and received free product for my review of X2 Performance. As always, all opinions, thoughts, etc. are my own.  

I’m not a big pre-workout person. There, I said it. My usual “pre-workout” routine usually involves chugging some creatine + water and coffee while I lift in the mornings. I actually like the concept of a pre-workout, especially since 2 days a week I’m up and at the gym by the grand hour of…5:30ish in the morning. But truthfully, I’ve never found anything that a.) didn’t make me feel like I was a hummingbird on speed b.) didn’t have TONS of sugar in it and c.) that didn’t give me jitters and a crash.  I don’t want to feel like my heart is going to beat out my chest, I just want a little extra energy and “pep” to feel better when the barbell is feeling heavy. And X2 Performance does just that. I’ve talked a little bit about what it is before but briefly, X2 Performance is a pre-workout supplement focused on increasing your energy and endurance by working with your body to help generate and regenerate your natural energy sources (particularly ATP).


I’ve tried out X2 in a few different settings: heavy yoke max out day, competition, and also before deadlift max out day. During heavy, maximal effort activities, I felt really good – strong, focused, energetic but not jittery. During competition, it helped me perk up before events (like car/tire deadlift) and give me energy throughout the entire event. It also has definitely helped my recovery. For example, I took some X2 on my drive to the gym yesterday morning since I know I had to max out my deadlift from the floor yesterday . My warm up sets felt HEAVY, I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep or eaten a lot the day before and wasn’t expecting much. But by the time I started getting to my work sets, the X2 had kicked in, and I felt strong. Not jittery, not bouncing off the walls, just strong and energetic. I got a 20# PR of 270# (which is a big deal for someone who is all limbs and has had a stalled deadlift for several, several months) and fully expected to wake up with that distinct hit-by-a-truck feeling since heavy deadlifts tend to wreck me. Instead, I felt good - a little sore, a little fatigued but leaps and bounds better than last time I pulled a heavy single. While, obviously, that can’t ALL be attributed to X2 (things like doing a lot of deadlift volume, improving my form, etc. definitely contribute), there was a noticeable difference.


Since I’m a list person, here is a list of some pros and cons:


  • Improved energy and performance from my experience
  • I like the taste – it’s very sour, almost like liquid pixie stix
  • I like that it is only 2oz – chugging a thing of liquid before working out is not so desirable
  • Easily portable since it’s already mixed
  • Highly researched – important for super science nerds like myself


  • Price – it’s expensive, plain and simple.  If price is an issue, I would buy a small box and use it only for competitions or max out days (my current plan actually)

One thing that I really like is that is it works for my sport. There are a lot of pre-workouts focused on increasing endurance or maximize "pump" and other things that don't really add a lot to the kind of training and competing that I engage in but X2 DOES. It increases my muscular endurance on timed events, which are usually 60-75 seconds, and also helps me during all-out max effort heavy lifting. Strong(wo)man is a pretty niche and fringe sport so knowing that there is something out there that actually works is pretty awesome.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little different, I think it is definitely worth your time to give X2 Performance a shot! If you DO want to try it out, you can get a sample pack for free (just pay shipping & handling which is $5.95 – a steal!) using this link.