Easy Citrus Chicken

This recipe came from the fact that I'm having an eating "thing" in that nothing really sounds good to me. Seriously. My usual go-to for dinner is some sort of beef but lately, I can't even fathom the thought of eating ground beef (and no, I'm not pregnant). Last night, while rifling through my  kitchen for something, anything, that sounded appetizing I noticed a lonely package of chicken breasts and an orange. Orange chicken sounded pretty good but I didn't want anything super sweet or too reminiscent of traditional crappy take-out chinese orange chicken. Don't worry, that does sound preeeetttty good but let's be real - I was feeling quite lazy and didn't feel like taking the time to make a gluten-free version of that particular iteration of orange chicken.

ANYWAYS (I'm rambling today - I blame the fact that I'm at submaximal caffeine intake while writing this), long story short - I decided to throw a bunch of things in a skillet and hope for the best. What turned out was SO good, I had to share...which means I had to make it look somewhat photogenic and stare at it for awhile through my camera lens before I could annihilate a giant bowl of this delicious chicken. You're welcome.

P.S. The winner for the Rep Fitness gymnastics ring giveaway has been announced on the original post!

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