Pizza Egg Skillet

When I get cravings for pizza - there is absolutely no stopping me until that craving is satisfied. I rarely crave the crust portion of pizza (frankly, there really isn't any good gluten-free pizza crust out there) but melted cheese, tomatoey goodness, and spicy meats? GIVE ME.

I've been craving pizza for weeeeks now and nothing seems to satisfy the craving. So last night, I went out with the specific purpose of buying pizza components - cheese, pepperoni, sauce, etc. I had planned on maybe experimenting with some pizza dough recipes and making this glorious homemade pizza...but then foam rolling and relaxing with a glass of wine sounded much more appealing. This morning however, I decided that I REALLY wanted pizza and concocted what is surely my new favorite breakfast.

Meet the pizza egg skillet. All the components of pizza - minus the crust - in a fast and easy egg dish that is equally good for breakfast and dinner. I've made similar "baked egg" dishes before but this is one of the easiest and can even be made pre-caffeine. I've included instructions for baking the dish without cheese and with cheese - just a note though, getting the timing right for melted cheese + runny egg yolks is an art. Which just means you have to practice...and eat more pizza egg skillets. Damn.

[gmc_recipe 6647]