Sausage Stuffed Apples

So sometimes, I get random ideas while I'm making coffee (surprisingly, my brain DOES actually function before caffeine) and they turn out to be good. Like really, really good.

I've been struggling with trying to incorporate more egg-free breakfasts in my world because frankly, I get sick of eggs. I easily go throw 2 dozen eggs a week BY MYSELF. That's a whole lot of eggs. My usual go-to egg-free breakfast is sausage and sauteed apples, so I decided to make it a little differently this morning.

This recipe isn't complicated or difficult, it just requires some time cutting and carving the apple. If you have an apple corer, that will probably work too. Also, feel free to add TONS of mix-ins - I think some diced, soaked dates and toasted walnuts would be ah-mazing.  I also typically just buy ground pork and season it instead of buying sausage - it's usually cheaper and I like to change up the spices every so often. You can use either in this recipe -  up to you!

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