Day in the Life

I get plenty of questions on what a typical day looks like for me and truthfully, each day is pretty different. I work half time from home, half time I go and teach so my weekly schedule is a bit different than a "normal" persons. So, let's take a quick look at this past Monday shall we?

4:45am: alarm goes off, stumble around, change, go downstairs, make coffee, eat some sweet potato, drink a protein shake, pack food, have a PowerIce bar

5:35am: arrive at the gym to foam roll, warm up, stretch

6:00-7:30am: training time. I’m actually feeling really tired and sore. I’m going on 8 weeks without a deload and it’s getting heavy. Plus, I didn’t eat enough over the weekend.

Log clean & press 3x1: 85, 90, 95 (f) - I kept hitting myself in the throat with 95# and making myself dizzy.

Front squats 5x5: 140#. I was just really excited I didn’t pass out or throw up. So so rough.

Log clean & push press 3x1+5: empty log (65#). Again, not very fun. The whole breathing thing is rough.

Sled drags 5x50%, 40 feet, 20s work/60s rest: 215#. Legs on fire.

7:45am: Drive to work. Chug a protein shake and eat a cup or so of white rice in my car (yeah, that’s as messy as you would imagine).

8:00-1:00pm: Work. I eat 3 hardboiled eggs and some roasted potatoes. I also eat an Epic bar that I have stashed in my purse. I’m starving by the time I leave.

1:30-5:30pm: EAT all the foods. Foam roll. Do freelance work. Blog. Hang out with the husband since he is off.

I tend to eat a ton during this time period on work days. I had something like 2/3lb of chicken thighs, some roasted broccoli, 2 chicken sausages, ½ an avocado, ½ a huge sweet potato, lots of coconut oil, and some green beans.

6:00-10:00pm: Work. I totally forgot to pack food (I KNOW.) and was SO hungry when I got home. I quickly housed ½lb of pulled pork right after I walked in the door.

11:30pm: BED. By the time I collapse in bed, I'm totally spent. And hungry. As usual. Not enough food that day means lots of eating the next day.

So, that's it! Not terribly exciting but hey, it's good :)