Cave Cravings Review

*DISCLAIMER: I was provided with free product for a review. As usual, all opinions, thoughts, ramblings, and melodramatic exaggerations are my own.* I’m pretty sure I am the last person on the planet who doesn’t participate regularly in any sort of food subscription service. The whole gluten-free thing tends to throw a wrench in those sorts of things since you usually don’t know what you will be getting. Plus, I’m not a big snacker - I mean, I snack plenty, but as far as pre-packaged snacks go, I don’t eat a TON of them simply because it’s hard to find things that fit within my general way of eating (mostly paleo-ish) AND aren’t insanely expensive. When Cave Cravings emailed me about trying out their snack box subscription service, I’ll admit, I was skeptical but I’ve gone from skeptic to big time fan.

What is Cave Cravings? Cave Cravings is a monthly subscription box filled with natural, organic paleo-ish snacks. They offer a wide selection of savory and sweet snacks along with tons of variety such as cookies, jerky, treats, bars, trail mixes, etc. My box included:



I was definitely impressed with the amount of goodies in the box and the variety. I ate one of the Caveman Cookies first (obviously) and LOVED it. I’m not a big cookie person (I know, I know) but these were awesome - super chewy and gingery. Even the husband was digging into the cookie stash to get some! I was also completely obsessed with the coconut macaroons - I took one bag with me to snack on while I judged a Crossfit competition (the vanilla maple flavor) and promptly inhaled the other bag (lemon flavor) a week later. I was also a big fan of all of the products from Bearded Brothers - these were like amped up Larabars and were absolutely awesome. I like them better than Larabars, in fact.  I was a fan of one flavor of jerky (the mild) but not the regular - the regular had a vinegary taste that just didn’t do it for me but the mild was really, really delicious.


Overall, I was REALLY pleased with Cave Cravings and would highly recommend them to anyone who loves paleo snacks or who has a food allergy. Their customer service has been fantastic, everything arrived in great condition, and best of all - it was all delicious! The only problem? I’m out of cookies.