Catching Up

Oh, hi blog. Good to know you still work and stuff. I could totally say that I’ve been OMGSUPERBUSY and just haven’t had time to write anything buuuut that would be a lie. Truth is, I’ve just had nothing to write. Well, actually I DID have something but Wordpress demolished it so, yeah, good times. Anyways...let’s play catch up. FOOD

I eat lots of it. Nothing new there. Nothing too exciting minus a few fun things I’ve made including:

bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

which is even better for breakfast.

these Caveman Cookies which are insanely delicious (they came in a paleo snack box that I will be reviewing soon!)

my bodyweight in cheese, mussels, and chocolate souffles with orange vanilla curd for valentine’s day.

I've been having a major moment with oranges, which is completely random since I'm not a big fruit person.  I've also been having major cravings for broth so I made a batch of chicken bone broth in the slow cooker this weekend - recipe to come this week!


I compete again on March 22nd so it’s just all about getting ready for that contest.

Lots of practice with the log, which I’m not a fan of

Deadlifting & a new yoke PR of 365# for 80 feet, no drops

Sleds and snow days

Death by front squats and farmers walks.

Truthfully, I’ve been feeling pretty shitty about everything in the gym (minus a random and accidental log clean & press PR on Sunday). I’ve made consistent progress and am getting a lot better at everything but still feel...blah. Just blah. I’ve PR’ed pretty much everything, minus a couple sticking points like damn push presses, but have just been letting my head get the better of me. I’ve got a major case of the “shoulds” - I SHOULD be better than I am, I SHOULD be getting this and this, etc. Gotta stop it.


SO many snow days lately. I’m not complaining.

Snow day essentials, obviously.

Lots of this.

She takes relaxing on weekends very seriously.

Pretty accurate.


Fun stuff. What random things have you been up this past week?

P.S. The winner for the Recovery Goodies giveaway has been selected - check out the original post for the winner!