Training Log: 1 Month Out

I've been getting a good amount of questions about what exactly I do each week so I figured it was time for a more training log style update. This is from last week and there will be some changes being made this upcoming week so my training from here until my competition on Jan. 4th is probably going to look a little, but not much, different.

[These photos are about a year apart. When the hell was I ever so tiny?!]

Monday - Volume Day

Axle press  4x (1 continental clean + 6 presses), 85#: for this, I am not allowed to drop the bar for the entirety of 60 seconds. I basically continental clean the bar, press it, and hold it overhead for 9 seconds, re-rack on my shoulders, and press again, repeat for 60 seconds.

This is so much harder than it seems. My shoulders and back were dead.

Back squat 3x7, 155#

Bench press 3x5, 73#

Hip thrusts 3x15, 90# aka pain

Dumbbell chest press 3x7, 35# each hand

Wednesday - Deload Day

Atlas stone "flights": For this I load three stones, to three various platforms heights with the lightest stone going on the highest platform and the heaviest stone going on the lowest platform. I do this 5 times.

Back squat 1x7, 125#

Strict press 3x5, 55#

pull ups 3x8 with band assist

dips 3x8 with band assist

[I really love walking weights around. This is from the week before, when I strained my quad so I carried from the rack.]

Saturday - Intensity day

Axle press (1 clean then press) for max reps in 60 seconds with 95#: I got 9 reps which considered I only got 10 reps at 85# the week before, is pretty decent.

Back squat 7RM: 195x6 - all time PR,  I failed my 7th rep.

My back gets REALLY tired with sets of 7 and I got a little forward and just couldn't get out of the hole. This was also probably my last intensity day for a bit. As much as I want to do 200# for reps (which I definitely can), my hip has been flair up off and on and at this point, I've been squatting 3x a week since March and I just need a small break. Plus, being a month out from competing means I need my hip to now be wrecked.

Bench press 5RM: 93x3 - I'm not expecting my pressing to be awesome since I'm doing a lot of pressing. After 3 reps I tend to lose my tension and stop using my legs. Something to work on.

Deadlifts, hookgrip, beltless, drop at the top: 210x3 (apparently I needed to reset since this was a major grind), 185x2, then 165x5

Dumbbell chest press 4x4, 35# each hand

Zercher pick & carry with axle, 140#, 3 80 foot carries: For this I place the loaded axle on the ground in front of me then essentially deadlift it to my lap, put my the axle in the crook of my elbow and squat it up then walk with it for 80 feet.

[post workout pie is the best idea, ever. ]

And that's it for last week! I was sick on Monday so I didn't really train at all (I left halfway through my workout because I felt so awful) and today I went in and spent the majority of the time working on stone technique, having my coach wrap my arms in various tacky alternatives, and doing some stone flights.

As I mentioned, I'm almost exactly one month out from competing and not really nervous at all. I feel A LOT strong, particularly overhead, and am a bit more confident in my abilities to do things like stones that I was before. I'm sure I will get nervous in a few weeks but for now, I'm just happily enjoying the process and working my ass off (or on, rather) to get better.