Podcast Interview

I was asked to do a podcast interview for the Lifestyle Accountability podcast a few weeks ago and it’s finally up! In addition to the podcast, I thought I would expand a little bit on what I talked about (click the photo to listen to the podcast!)

episode 57 with Gabby from GabbysGFree.com


1. “My Story”: I went from being an overweight kid/middleschooler/highschooler to a very sick college student to a wanna-be-chronically-injured runner to a Crossfitter to novice competitive Strongwoman. This was actually a pretty natural progression for me with the major turning points being 1.) finding out that gluten was making me insanely ill 2.) fracturing my foot due to trying to cardio myself thinner and the effects of residual calcium absorption problems from the gluten intolerance, and 3.) deciding I wanted to get strong, really freaking strong, not lean. Not being able to run and having the bones of 60 year old woman meant that I HAD to lift weights. It wasn’t optional or just something to tack on - I had to do it or risk having many more issues down the line. This push ultimately helped me discovered that getting strong was really what I liked to do and that I cared more about my squat numbers than a six pack.


2. How I got started: I did things mostly on my own or with friends and then started Crossfit. I moved from doing Crossfit to doing our gym’s barbell program. That is what I’m still currently doing, my coach just modifies my programming to be more strong(wo)man focused.

3. Why did I choose Strong(wo)man: It was really the first competition opportunity I had or rather, was open to. My coach encouraged me to sign up for it, so I did, and went from there. I plan on sticking with it because I LOVE the variety, the community, and it’s ridiculously fun.


4. Biggest challenges in the past and present: My head has been and will always be my biggest challenge. Making the shift from approaching food and exercise as something negative (“I CAN’T eat x,y,z.”  “I have to go run off this cookie”, etc.) to something much more positive was a big challenge but one that occurred sort of naturally for me. As I moved from caring about my body fat percentage to how many 100s of pounds I could deadlift, the deprivation mentality had to go.

5. Motivation: Motivation isn’t something I’ve struggled with ever since deciding that I wanted to do what I loved to do and treat myself in a way that focused on thriving, not deprivation. Sure, I have days when I’m tired and sore and when 5am comes way too early, but I still get excited about the fact that I GET to go and pick up a bunch of heavy things and move them around. I’m very motivated by people I see every day that come in, work hard, and get back up when they fail. Also, I don’t do things because I feel like I “have” to do them - I hate running and most traditional forms of “cardio”,  so I don’t do them. They’re not a requirement for me for my particular sport.  Instead, I do whatever conditioning is necessary for me for a competition (it’s usually lifting weights, faster).

I was thinking about this the other day actually when I was reading an email and some comments of people saying that I motivate and inspire them. This always (and will always) blow.my.mind. I don’t think of myself as an exceptionally inspiring person - I’m not a freak athlete, I was unhealthy and unfit for a good portion of my life, I’m not insanely strong..I’m just a girl who really loves barbells, axles, stones, and lifting heavy stuff. I enjoy the hard work, the long process, and everything that comes with it and I like writing about and sharing it via social media. So, again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads, comments, emails, etc.


6. Diet/nutrition: I eat food and lots of it. Mostly “real” foods, sometimes junk - I generally avoid gluten (because I must), most grains, soy, sugar, and legumes. I do some dairy, mainly in the form of cheese and ice cream. I don’t particularly care about being super lean and my nutrition strategy reflects that - my primary focus is getting strong. I basically eat the foods that make me feel good and generally don’t eat the foods that make me feel like crap. I try to plan and prep ahead of time as much as I can to make it easy because frankly, there aren't enough hours in the day!

As always, feel free to ask questions, give comments, etc. on anything from the podcast! I’m more than happy to write a post or five on particular topics if people are interested.