I'm sure everyone is in the same boat right now - life is BUSY. Really busy. While I'm working on playing catch-up with some recipes and other posts, I thought I would share a few snapshots of life lately.  

I'm taking some time off squatting which means I'm doing all the power cleans. Seriously, all of them.

I'm slightly obsessed with turning my no-bake, grain-free gingerbread truffles into cookies - giant cookies are the best post-workout snack.

Fabletics sent me some clothing items to review and I'm living in the capris. Seriously, they made through an intense 2.5 training session without having to be pulled up ONCE. That's a big deal for me. Full review to come! Also, the axle is still my nemesis.

I'm unprepared for cold weather.

Sundays are for making food and lots of it. You can check out my meal planning & prep process here.

I've been PR'ing the heck out of my strongman events lately including a 40# Zercher PR and a big atlas stone PR. Check out the video!

P.S. You can "like" my gym's FB page from the video - lots of great info, videos, photos, and posts all the time!

And that's it! Time for more coffee and attacking my inbox (I'm terrified.)