2013 Goal Check-Ins and Reflections

Part of the reason I like keeping a blog is to look back and laugh reflect on my own growth, progress, etc. from the past year(s). As I was re-reading my New Year’s Goals post from last year, I couldn’t help but laugh. I stated that 2013 would be epic, and that it was - between making massive career changes, financial worry, struggle, risk, and being busy beyond belief at times - this was a pretty major year. But before I get ahead of myself and start making big plans for 2014, let’s look at my goals last year and what I actually accomplished: http://distilleryimage8.ak.instagram.com/34abdb22546611e3a44b125e3ca31262_8.jpg


  • Take more risks
  • Get my head right
  • More downtime
  • Travel

I’d say that, minus the travel part, I accomplished or am on my way to accomplishing these things. I over-extended myself A LOT in the beginning of the year and quickly remedied that. I’ve been busy but in a way that is exciting, not excruciating. This year finally got me to slow down and learn to say “no”. I spent more downtime with my husband, more time just relaxing and reflecting, and more time putting myself out there.



  • Continue to grow & improve the blog
  • Put myself out there more/know my worth
  • Do more & fail more
  • Educate myself

These were all a massive success this year. This blog has definitely evolved, received the most traffic, subscribers, etc. it has ever had in this past year so THANK YOU. Thank you thank you thank you - I’ve gotten a ton of awesome opportunities, an athlete sponsorship, and so many other amazing things from this little corner of the internet. Again, thank you doesn’t cut it - but if I could, I would send everyone bourbon & brownies.

I spent the majority of this year trying to put myself out there which included some failure and I have grown leaps and bounds because of it. I also feel like I truly “know” what my worth is and am confident about outline the parameters of my working relationships because of that. I left a very secure job to do recipe development and food photography and ended up leaving that job because it was beginning to conflict with some of my core tenants/food philosophies and that was tough because I really did love that job. I’ve also spent the majority of the year reading and learning to not only help myself grow but to help me grow as an educator, advocate, and just “helper” because it turns out, I really like teaching people things. Who knew?





  • Unassisted dead hang pull up: Not yet but close, I’m much stronger but haven’t tested this out
  • 250lb+ deadlift: DONE
  • 75% bodyweight clean: DONE
  • 20 consecutive kipping pull-ups: NOT DONE. My focus changed shortly after the beginning of the year so this didn’t matter and I didn’t work on it
  • Rx a girl/benchmark workout: I did do ½ “Murph” Rx and probably a few others but again, my focus changed and this didn’t matter all that much
  • One-arm handstand & other handstand goodies: DONE, minus handstand walking.

My focus has majorly shifted this year - I stopped doing “Crossfit” and focused on lifting. From there, I have begun to focus on competing in Strong(wo)man. If you would have told me at this time last year that I would be training for my second Strong(wo)man competition, I would have laughed and not believed you at.all. But here I am. I never thought I would be 1) competing in any athletic capacity 2) doing so on a regular basis 3) and doing all this in the sport of Strong(wo)man. I’ll do an entire post on this later but competing/having a goal to compete really does change the entire training experience - it’s more intense, more fulfilling, and just more fun. It’s also terrifying, but it is truly an extension of my overarching goals for the year which were to take more risks, put myself out there, and not fear failure.



Taking more risks was  really was my “theme” of 2013.  I took a risk on leaving jobs, getting new jobs, and then actually realizing what I love to do is not any of those things. I took TONS of risks approaching freelance clients and companies, working with them, and valuing my work at a certain price point - but it paid off. I’m no longer a perfectionist to the point of it suffocating my progress in any area. I became an athlete (just typing that kind of blows my mind/sounds wrong) and a rather vocal supporter of females, barbells, and strength sports. I squatted, a lot, and got stronger. I made more time for friends and family. I relaxed more, work harder, and was more satisfied.

So yeah, I guess 2013 was indeed, pretty epic.