Coconut Flour Pumpkin Muffins

I hope you all are enjoying your candy-induced hangover today, I know I am :) Yesterday, while I was tidying up the house, I noticed that I had a few sugar pumpkins that needed roasted and Halloween seems like the ideal day to roast pumpkins so, that's just what I did. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to make with the puree - I could make custard, bread, cupcakes, etc. but all I really wanted was a muffin. A simple muffin that's not very sweet, has a hint of fall spice, and that was made with coconut flour. DSC_0020_01

I like baking with coconut flour but sometimes I find that things like muffins can taste a bit too eggy due to the high egg content in most coconut flour baked goods. I tried to mitigate that in this recipe by using other sources of fat and moisture such as coconut oil and coconut milk - and it worked! These muffins don't have the usual mega-egg taste of normal coconut flour baked goods. I also add some starch to help them bake up a little less dense but you could substitute that with almond flour if you'd like.


[gmc_recipe 6287]