Instagram Truths: Food Edition

It’s time for another "Instagram Truths” installment because they’re just too fun. Also, I’ve got a few recipes coming (hopefully!) this week so a food edition just seemed oh too perfect. OH and if you want lots of training, food, and obnoxious dog pictures - follow me on instagram!

Caption: Typical post volume day things: ice & giant bowl of rice, meat, & veggies.

Truth: I went back for more food and woke up in the middle of the night because I was hungry. Also, that’s not a totally strange thing for me. And yes, I eat rice - because carbs and volume day = all the carbs day.

Caption:  All the chicken & guac please. Literally, just chicken, guac, & veggies. Ah-mazing.

Truth: This probably weighed 4 pounds and I ate every.single.bite of it. I could also eat Chipotle every day for the rest of my life. I mean, who doesn’t need guac with every meal?!

Caption: 1200 calories a day?

Truth: I really do eat close to 1200 calories before noon every day when I’m making sure I eat enough. I can’t believe I really used to do the whole 1500 calories a day thing - no wonder I was so pissy. I can always tell I’m not eating enough because my recovery will be very slow, I’m a bit more moody, and I feel constantly tired.

Caption: 10# drop snatch PR & mid-squat set brown sugar caramel rice krispie treats because gainz. And then on my drive home, I pushed an SUV for two ladies and their kids because they were stranded in the middle of the road. Extra workout!

Truth: I will occasionally (aka not as often as my training buddies would like) make treats for the barbell club on volume day. And yes, we do eat them between volume squat sets. Also, these rice krispie treats were an absolute sticky, gooey, delicious mess. Also, pushing an SUV after your workout isn’t exactly easy but the ladies were so grateful - at one point a bunch of guys jumped out a car to help me and by help I mean, one helped me and the rest stood there.

Caption: There is some layered grass-fed beef, mushroom, spinach, and eggplant goodness happening in my slow cooker.

Truth: THIS WAS SO GOOD. I will write up a recipe for it/take photos sometime soon but trust me when I say, it was one of the easiest and most delicious dinners ever. It also did not last long at all which means next time, I need to double it.


This is making me hungry - time for more food!