Five Things Friday

Since I had a bit of extra time this week - which never happens- I had planned on doing a good bit of recipe writing and sharing some delicious things with you all. Then I got sick and could hardly taste anything so that plan was replaced with eating tons of chicken soup and drinking obnoxious amounts of tea. I'm finally feeling better today (not 100% but much better) so yes, recipes soon, I promise! In the meantime, let's talk about random things:

1. I made this for breakfast this morning and it may have been the best thing, ever. I will re-make and photograph and write a recipe but trust me, you need this in your life right now. Eggs cooked in grass-fed beef bolognese sauce. Heaven.

2. I'm finally getting back to normal in the gym - my finger isn't fully healed yet but I'm able to do most things, with the exception of double overhand heavy deadlifts. I had to hookgrip those...and my thumbs cried. But I can clean & jerk so there's that.

3. Cake on volume day is necessary. It's especially necessary when your total weight lifted is 7000lbs (not including warm-ups). Give me all the carbs.

4. As I was cleaning out my iPhone's photos (running out of space #bloggerproblems), I came across some OLD videos of myself since I videotape myself doing more technical things like cleans, jerks, snatches, etc. - I'm a visual learner so it helps me a lot. Anyways, I also ran across several old pictures and realized how SMALL I looked - or rather, how small I looked compared to now. Even though, clothing size was, I'm a good bit "smaller", I'm still 10lbs heavier and MUCH happier. Those 10lbs went straight to my ass and thighs. Thank you squats.

5. I'm headed to a Lift Big Eat Big Strongman Seminar in January and I'm SO excited. An entire weekend of lifting heavy things with other people? That's my idea of a fun time. I haven't done a lot of "strongman" specific stuff since my competition so it will be a great learning experience.  I also need to get some new gear before then - mainly new knee sleeves because my quads have outgrown mine and a stiff belt for heavy deadlifts, etc.

Happy Friday everyone!


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