Focusing on Recovery + Ouch Wraps Review and GIVEAWAY {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

The past month or so, I’ve been really focusing on upping my recovery efforts. I’ve been dealing with an on again/off again/on again hip issues for a few months now due to some very old issues, lots of squatting, and just slacking on my mobility work. I’ve noticed a major difference in not only my hip pain (it’s almost gone!) but in my general performance. Here are a few of the changes I’ve made in the past month:

[cider is a given on PR Friday]

More food: Making sure I am eating enough has made a major difference. Biggest game changer? CARBS. And a decent amount of them on training days. I’m guilty of being carb-phobic in the past and even some days, it feels a little “weird” to eat a big bowl of rice but it has made a big difference. When I eat a good amount of carbs post-workout, I notice I get better quality sleep, am less sore the next day, and I feel much stronger during my workouts.

[What my work desk usually looks like - tons of food, coffee, and a big thing of water]

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: I’m generally good about drinking water but I also drink a decent amount of coffee so I often find myself feeling dehyrated. I’ve been trying to drink a lot of waterand noticed that I have much more energy during the day. Also, the more water I drink, the less sore I am.

[stay flexy]

Mobility work: I usually go in to the gym on Sundays to do some light skill work and spend a good chunk of time on mobility work. I foam roll, use the lacrosse ball, stretch, and generally just dedicate some time to working out all of the knots I accumulate during the week. I also try to stretch & foam roll every day for a few minutes or do a few longer sessions 3 times a week.

Icing: There is a lot of info out there about whether icing works or doesn’t work but in general, icing makes me feel much better. I noticed that icing had been helping my hip feel much better so I have been trying to make sure that I ice my hip after my workouts. If you've ever had a hip injury, you know that icing your hip is mega-awkward. I would use a little bag with ice in it but was having a hard time getting something to “fit” on the front of my hip. Lucikly, Ashley of Ouch Wraps was determined to end my sad ice pack situation and sent me one of her hand-made Ouch Wraps. She recommended a bigger Ouch Wrap for my hip and I have to say, I AM IN LOVE.

I use mine after every workout and it sits on my hip SO much better than a traditional ice pack. It also stays cool (but not numbingly cold) for a long time rather than being super cold and then melting all over your spandex. Plus, they come in several sizes, patterns, colors, and scents (mine smells SO good). You can even add ties to them so you can be more mobile while you’re recovering:


I use mine primarily for icing but you can also heat them in microwave and use as a chemical-free heat pack. Not only are Ouch Wraps amazing but Ashley is extremely awesome - we share a mutual love for all things ice cream - and you can tell she is really passionate about what she does.

In addition, Ashley has offered to give a lucky reader a Wrecked Ouch Wrap! To enter, check out the Ouch Wraps website then leave a comment telling me about your best recovery strategies. Follow Ouch Wraps on Facebook, Twitter, and tweet about the giveaway for extra entries!In the meantime, Ashley has ALSO offered readers a 20% discount when you use the code " GGF20 " . I will announce the winner next Friday - good luck!

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